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How to Lose Weight During the Holidays

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By Mikkie Mills

Are you a foodie who is worried about gaining weight during the holidays? If yes, then you should take steps to ensure you keep your weight in check. In case you are not able to keep off from lots of food and alcohol, and you gain a lot of weight, consider weight loss surgery New Jersey. Here are eleven easy ways to lose weight during the holidays:

1. Create a Plan
Before picking all the foods from the table, look at what is available and choose the meals you desire most. As you pick these favorites, consume small servings. Creating a plan for the foods you serve allows you to consume your favorite foods and keep away from extra calories that result from carelessly choosing every available food.

2. Take a Different Plate
According to research, you will consume 30% fewer calories when you serve your food onto smaller plates. A smaller plate offers you the illusion that you are consuming more food. Eat from a salad plate instead of a dinner plate, and you will enjoy excellent weight loss benefits.

3. Quash Hunger
Going to a holiday festival full of hunger will cause you to eat a lot of calories. Keep hunger in check by eating snacks or small meals with carbs, protein, and healthy fat before going to a holiday dinner. You will be able to check your food intake if you are not starving from hunger.

4. Skip Seconds
Avoid overindulging with second helpings of your favorite dish and stick with a single serving. Save the leftovers and calories to consume the next day. This will allow you to spread the enjoyment and calories out over two meals.

5. Weigh In
Keep an eye on weight by stepping on the scale each morning, even on the holidays. According to research, people who measured their weight had a higher likelihood of losing weight and maintain a healthy weight than those who rarely measured their weight.

6. Chew
According to studies, people who chew food about forty times as opposed to only fifteen times caused consumption of fewer calories by 12 percent. People chew less because they are eating fast, which leads to eating of large quantities of food. Chewing for longer slows down the eating process and you can keep an eye on the amount of food you are consuming.

7. Walk Away
The longer you stay close to the buffet table, the higher the likelihood of constantly eating. If you are standing close to the buffet table, you will continuously serve yourself meals without keeping attention to the amount of food you are eating. To prevent overeating, make your pick and walk away.

8. Drink Up
Hunger pangs are at times caused by dehydration as opposed to hunger. Therefore, drink a glass of water before eating dinner. You will consume less food if you are adequately hydrated.

9. Rethink Recipes
If your Christmas tradition requires meals to consist of sweet potato casserole or brisket, switch some food components to maintain your weight. For instance, you can use more Brussels sprouts and less bread in stuffing, use coconut instead of cream, and use vegetable oil instead of turkey drippings.

10. Drink Thoughtfully
During the holiday toast, go for wine or a low-calorie mixed drink such as vodka soda as opposed to sugar-filled holiday cocktails. Additionally, you can mix wine with sparkling water to reduce the amount of wine in every glass by half and keep you hydrated. According to research, 10 percent of calories for those who drink originates from alcohol.

11. Get on the Move
Most people take holidays as an excuse to ditch their exercise routines. If the gym is closed, do some pushups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and other forms of cardio in your living room. To make it fun, you can plan for a family football game or go sledding with the children.

Losing weight can offer you a lot of health benefits such as improved levels of cholesterol, lower risk of diabetes, lower blood pressure, improved mobility, lower risk of heart diseases, and more. Check your weight this holiday season and enjoy these benefits.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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