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How To Make Your Home A Place Where
You Can Promote Mental Health

By Mikkie Mills

Your home is your space. It’s a place that represents and reflects you. It’s the place where you store your treasures, knick-knacks, and conversation pieces. It’s also probably a place where you spend a lot of your time. But is your home a sanctuary? Is it a place that supports and promotes your mental health? Take a minute and read our four tips to help make your house a true haven.

Minimize the Clutter

We’ve already established that the home is where your stuff is. That is a given. But have you ever thought about how the organization of said stuff may be affecting your mental health? The way you store and decorate your home may be increasing your stress level and taking a toll on your mental health. Piles, stacks, and clutter eat up space and weigh on your mind. They make it harder to navigate, and often cause internal twinges of guilt as they represent tasks to be done. Evaluate each room in your house, especially the rooms where you spend the most time, the kitchen, living or family room, and definitely the bedroom. Are there items there that you don’t regularly use? Could they be store more efficiently somewhere else? Are there items that you really don’t want to keep around? Could you donate them and give them a new life? Cleaning can be mentally cleansing and decluttering will make your space seem more open.

Let the Light In

Now that you’ve cleared up some space in your house, let’s talk about light. Sunlight is one of the best natural pick me ups. Natural lighting offers a great way to enjoy a couple rays without having to change out of your pjs, or even leave your house. Is your house dark? Consider altering your window coverings to something that lets in more light. You might even want to consider switching to front doors with glass that let natural light into your entryway and front room. The natural light will save you from flipping on lights during the day, and help you a little sun boost. And if you find that you still want a little more light in a room or two then go find a lamp or light fixture that will help you create the space you’re dreaming of.

Create a Peaceful Environment

After a long day at work your home should be a welcome relief, a place of rest and relative peace. Relative because let’s face it, especially if kids are involved there are definitely going to be crazy, noisy, or messy aspects to it. The key is consciously choosing the media, conversation, and mood you allow and promote in your home. For some people that might mean making time for quiet, calming music, or reading. For others it may mean restricting dinner table topics and relegating other discussion to other times and other places. This is a very personal aspect of home, it is one that you probably need to ponder, evaluate and continuously fine tune.

Home is Where the Heart Is

The final tip we have to making your house a home, and a true refuge that promotes your mental health is to make it a space that you share with others you love. Find ways to invite family, friends, and even neighbors in. Host dinners or game nights. Consider inviting people over for a BBQ or having this month’s book club at your place. You could even invite a family member or old friend over to stay couple of day. Just find some way of allowing your home to be a place where you connect with people who really matter to you. By doing this you will be able to share this space in a meaningful way that fosters fuller connections and allows you to bring people you love closer.

Home is square one. It’s where you start and finish almost every day. It should be a place that you love to be. A space you feel safe and relaxed. If you take stock and that isn’t quite where you’re at, take some of these small steps. Soon enough you’ll be making your home into a place that promotes your personal mental health, your own personal sanctuary.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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