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Smart Habits for Longevity

Healthy Foods

By Mikkie Mills

Most people strive for long lives, but they're not quite sure about the right steps. Bad habits might set in overtime, which contributes to fewer years on the Earth. Researchers have been looking into the keys to long life, especially among those individuals who've reached 100 years of age or more. Explore the smart habits for longevity so that you can improve your chances of seeing several more decades.

Finding Purpose

Finding a purpose in life is one of the keys to longevity. Your purpose can cover thousands of concepts in life. Helping your family, striving to solve a complex problem and other challenges might come to mind.

When you feel like you should be here for a specific reason, your mind and body react with primitive strength. Self-preservation is a unique drive in human beings. Having purpose gives you every reason to choose healthy foods and participate in exercise activities.

Limiting Fatty Meats

Longevity doesn't usually go hand in hand with regular meals of red meat. Limiting these fatty foods should be a goal. Substitute beef with fish at dinner, for instance.

You might consider a plant-based addition to your diet too. Chlorella, for instance, is a very advantageous type of algae. The benefits of chlorella are numerous, including cholesterol management. If you want to treat yourself to red meat on an infrequent basis, chlorella can help you process the fats so that they don't impact your health as much as before.

Focusing on Protein

Don't eliminate proteins from your diet because you're trying to limit fatty meats. Turn to other sources of protein, such as eggs and legumes. In fact, WebMD states that eggs are one of the healthiest proteins around. Their cholesterol numbers aren't as bad as once believed too. The human body doesn't readily absorb this cholesterol, which makes eggs a nearly perfect ingredient in any meal.

Prioritizing Laughter and Sleep

Enjoying life is a critical part of longevity. Try to laugh with a loved one on a regular basis. Get your laughs from comedy on television too. The physical act of laughing actually produces good hormones. You feel stress relief and a surge of positive feelings.

Sleep is also a longevity influencer. Ideally, rest between seven and nine hours each night. Your body uses this time to heal itself.

Visiting the Dentist

Your oral health influences almost every aspect of your body. Visit the dentist twice a year so that you can keep up with gum-and-tooth health.

Fighting off gum disease protects your blood from certain ailments, which can damage tissues across your body. It's not uncommon for neglected teeth and gums to cause cardiovascular problems. A simple cleaning every six months can give you longevity. And if you need a recommendation, simply visit

Exercising for Fun

Exercise must be part of your life if you want to live well past 60 or 70 years old. It's not necessary to be an athlete either. Find an activity that you enjoy, such as dancing or gardening. These activities may not seem like traditional exercise, but they do count as healthy pursuits. As long as you're moving around each day, your muscles will remain strong and true.

Controlling Chronic Ailments

If you have a chronic ailment, this fact doesn't mean that longevity isn't possible. You must simply control this ailment. Work with your doctor so that medication is part of your life. High blood pressure and cholesterol are controllable with the right medication. Ignoring a chronic ailment will negatively impact your life. It's always better to deal with it sooner than later so that longevity is possible.

Eating a proper diet also includes the right amount of vitamins and minerals. If you feel like you're deficient in a particular nutrient, talk to your doctor about supplements. The best way to gain your daily nutrients is through healthy foods, but supplements can fill any voids. Your efforts can be rewarded with many more years to enjoy life.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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