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Best Cleanses and Detoxes for your Body


By Mikkie Mills

Does your body ever feel like it is full of bad stuff? Whether you ate a little too much junk food over the weekend or over-indulged on vacation, your body may be in need of a detox or cleanse. Today we will discuss the best cleanses and detoxes for your body to get you feeling refreshed!

Sugar Detox
A sugar detox may be the best way to clean out your body if you feel like you have way too much sugar in your diet. Too much sugar can make you feel sluggish, so eliminating sugar may give you more energy. The purpose of a sugar detox is to get all of the added sugar out of your diet so that natural sugars found in things like fruits taste sweeter. This will help you to find alternatives to your favorite sugary snacks and is ultimately the first step in living a healthier lifestyle. A sugar detox can last anywhere from a week to a month, so choose the plan that works best for you.

Why the Detox?
Even if you try to maintain a healthy diet, ingredients that are bad for you can still sneak into some of your favorite health foods. Additives including carrageenan gelatin were once deemed to be safe, but it is now recommended that you stay away from them as much as possible. Regardless of the type of cleanse or detox that you try to do, it should help to remove harmful toxins from your body and give you a clean start.

Juice Cleanse
If you are considering doing a juice cleanse, you will need to allow time for pre-cleanse. The pre-cleanse period includes eliminating things like processed foods and alcohol. This pre-cleanse period should last for five days to have the most effective juice cleanse. Although, if your diet consists of a lot of fast food and sugary drinks, you should opt for a seven-day pre-cleanse.

Once you choose the juice cleanse that is right for you, you will want to be drinking a juice every two or two and a half hours. It is important to remember that you will want to ease back into solid foods after the cleanse instead of just jumping right back into them. After a juice cleanse you should feel like you got all of the bad stuff out of your gut and are ready to start from scratch.

Smoothie Cleanse
If juices are not your favorite thing to drink, try a smoothie cleanse. A few things to remember prior to starting your smoothie cleanse is that even though it may be tempting to drink the smoothie fast, you will get better results if you drink slowly. Additionally, you should still chew the smoothie even though it is a liquid substance.

Your smoothies should consist of healthy fruits and vegetables such as cilantro, celery, lemons, limes, and bananas. Do not forget to include superfoods such as chia seeds and almonds to take your smoothie to the next level.

Amp up Your Cleanse
You can amp up any cleanse by drinking lots of water. This will, in turn, make you urinate more which can also be helpful. You can also exercise, which will make you sweat and that is great for the cleansing and detoxing process. Lastly, you can take time to rest. This is important whether you are cleansing or not, but will help your cleanse work the best that it can!

Regardless of the type of cleanse or detox you choose to embark on, you should consult with your medical professional to make sure that it is right for your body. A good cleanse will rid your body of potentially harmful toxins and get you on the right track to start a healthy lifestyle. If you can adjust your diet after the cleanse, you may be able to avoid cleanses in the future!

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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