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Leading Health Concerns in Men

By Mikkie Mills

When it comes to health, most men are concerned about shedding fat or building their muscles. However, with a higher mortality rate of men than women, there is a growing need for men to be concerned about their health. Men who are not connected to their doctors are at a higher risk of death and diseases than those who are connected, because they don't monitor their health. In fact, the society is to blame for this trend of men who are not concerned about their health, because the society expects men to be tough and ignore pain. Medical experts advise men to have their health checked more often so that signs of diseases are detected and treated early, because the most significant percentage of causes of death can be prevented and treated. This article analyzes six leading health concerns in men and how to reduce the risks...

  1. Cardiovascular health Heart diseases are one of the leading death causes in the world, with one in three men having a cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular diseases are comprised of heart diseases, congestive heart failure, stroke, heart attack, and atrial fibrillation. Men should schedule appointments with their doctors to check on their cholesterol and blood pressure levels. Research indicates that cardiovascular diseases start to manifest in men at around ten years earlier than in women. They have a shorter time than women to prevent the development of such illnesses, which means that they have a higher risk too. Some of the common risk factors for cardiovascular diseases include smoking, increasing age, diabetes, physical inactivity, and high blood pressure and cholesterol.
  2. Mental health Men mostly focus on physical symptoms while underestimating the implications of physical issues on their mental and emotional well-being. In fact, depression is usually under-diagnosed in men and suicide is one of the leading causes of death in men between the ages of 15 and 24. The chances of men committing suicide are four times higher than in women because men are less likely to open up about their issues. Consequently, nobody notices depression signs so that they can be treated. Also, long-term depressive symptoms increase the chances of stroke in men. Depression in men doesn't manifest through sadness; instead, it plays out in aggression, midlife crisis, anger, risk-taking behavior, and alcohol and substance abuse.
  3. General health One of the areas that men have neglected is their skin and their sensitive areas because they don't find it as important as other things such as exercising. Men should visit a dermatologist often to have their skins checked. Balanitis is an infection that makes most men uncomfortable because it affects one of the most sensitive areas, which is the end of the penis. It also affects the loose skin flap that covers the tip. Men can get this infection at any age, but circumcised men are not likely to get infected. Men should clean that area and use mild soaps to reduce chances of getting infected. It is also caused by reactive arthritis and side effects of diabetes type 2 drugs.
  4. Prostate health Most men associate prostate health with prostate cancer. However, some other prostate issues exist in men above the age of 50. The prostate can experience a noncancerous enlargement of the gland, which causes problems when urinating. Also, the prostate can be chronically inflamed commonly known as chronic prostatitis though it can be treated. The prostate gland can also experience chronic or acute bacterial infections, and it can be medically treated. Men can reduce chances of prostate diseases by consuming more fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and increased physical activities while cutting on consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks, meat, and salt.
  5. Cancer The American Cancer Society names lung, prostate and colorectal cancers as the leading cancers in men. Lung cancer, for example, is one of the leading cancer types in men. These cancer types in men can be reduced by adhering to the healthy-living guidelines such as increasing fresh produce and fiber in your diet, selecting plant-based diets, quitting smoking, and being physically active. Men should step back and realize the importance of maintaining good health and incorporate healthy activities into their daily routines.
  6. Diabetes The American Diabetes Association explains that men fear to hear bad news, which stops them from going for check-ups to diagnose diabetes or seeking medical attention. However, the fear increases the risks of ailing to seek critical medical interventions that can enhance health in men. Men suffering from diabetes get diagnosed rather too late. Notably, diabetes can cause other severe health issues if left untreated for a long time such as amputations, blindness, erectile dysfunction, nerve damage, and cardiovascular diseases. Men should get screened regularly.

Now that you know the primary health concerns in men, the next important step is to consult your doctor. Most importantly, men should change their lifestyles and become proactive about their health. Men should address their health concerns rather than being scared of visiting a doctor, because these diseases can be deadly.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie
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