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Helpful Tips to Better Your Life

By Mikkie Mills

In a world that struggles with depression and anxiety, it is very important not to be your own worst critic. With a few lifestyle changes you will find yourself functioning at optimal level before long. It is pertinent you find time for yourself in your busy days. As a mother myself this often seems impossible; however, when you take time for yourself, everyone will appreciate your efforts.

One of the most affordable and simplest tricks to feeling like your best self is using baking soda in your beauty routine. This is considered a miracle ingredient because not only does it whiten your teeth, but it has also been proven to make your skin glow. Oftentimes when we feel dull and down about ourselves it is time to make a change. With this affordable product found in every grocery store there is no need to let your mood continually spiral down. Just remember to grab a box of baking soda the next time you are at the store. Now you are on your way to feeling better about your appearance, which in turn will lift your spirits.

However, if you are down it is necessary to do more than just alter your beauty routine. Exercise has been proven to produce endorphins that promote health and happiness in our bodies. When you ensure you are consuming a healthy diet as well, all of a sudden your spirits are lifted and you will find yourself feeling better with each passing day.

If you are in a funk you just cannot shake, try dressing up. This helps to provide a better image of you to yourself. You will also find the compliments offered by others is beneficial to boost your self esteem which is often the one thing that provokes unhappiness and dissatisfaction in your daily life. It is also very important to only speak in a positive manner in reference to yourself. Do not allow yourself to drift away towards negatively speaking about yourself or others. This is often a bad habit to break; although, it is a necessary habit to break if you desire to feel better about yourself.

If you just cannot seem to shake the feeling of being down and out it is time to help others. Research has proven that when you help others in their needs you feel better about yourself. It is necessary to help others willingly if you desire to raise your spirits. This is to say if someone has to force you to get up and help others you will receive none of the benefits of helping with an open heart.

Most importantly, do not give up on life. We all have moments when it seems we will not be able to continue on in life. Just remember the times you have been down before and chose to continue on in life even when you did not want to. Life changes on a daily basis; so remember one day you can feel great about yourself, and the next you can be your own worst enemy. This is one of the reasons it is necessary to learn to trust yourself. Learn to listen and believe you truly know what is best for you. After all, this is your life and you must ensure you feel great about yourself to live a life that is fruitful and full of happiness.

The more you learn to focus on your own life, exercise regularly, and consume a healthy diet the easier your days are to live. Your life will become happy once again and all of a sudden the dark clouds have disappeared. You do not have to live a life of misery. Instead, make a few small changes and find not only is your life better, but the world is all of a sudden a wonderful place to be.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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