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The Different Sources of Energy


By Mikkie Mills

Energy is the ability to do work, and it can neither be created nor destroyed. This is the classical definition of the word energy, but in our world today, energy can have a lot of meanings. One of the most common references to energy would be a source of power, and the world today is racing against time to reverse the ill-effects of climate change, and many countries are now resorting to renewable energy. There are many types of energy sources and the world is harnessing this impressive amount of power from nature to light up homes and keep the power plants going. The irreversible effects of using fossil fuels for hundreds of years encouraged the world to shift to alternative energy sources.

The Cirro Energy plans are actually based on all the natural sources of energy & their motto is not to damage nature. Therefore, you can trust them that they would save the energy sources yet provide you with plenty for your electrical uses.

Here are some of the most common sources of renewable energy, and why it is important to consider them as our power source...

1. Solar Energy

This energy comes from the sun. The energy from the sun can be collected by using solar panels, and when it is placed directly under the sun’s heat, it will generate an impressive amount of power. It is eco-friendly, and environmentalists are urging the government to shift to this new power source. Many buildings and houses have already placed a solar panel on their rooftops to take advantage of this free energy from the sun. The deserts can also become a great place where the solar panels can be installed because of the direct heat from the sun. The downside of this energy source is that it needs a huge area where the solar panels will be placed, and countries near the equator are the ones that could harness its full potential.

2. Wind Energy

This energy source is becoming more common, and governments around the world are building a lot of windmills to harness the power of the wind. A giant turbine, when moved through the power of the wind, can generate electricity that is good enough to power a whole community. Wind farms around the world are placed in strategic locations where they could collect strong wind force that would be able to produce electricity. Despite the great advantages of using wind power, there are people who are saying that it destroys the ecology of a particular area, but it is still a better choice because it does not emit any carbon dioxide into the air.

3. Geothermal Energy

Places near an active volcano or a heat source can generate geothermal energy. This type of energy would collect the steam from a heat source, and it would power up the generator that would create the electricity. Geothermal energy is eco-friendly, and it does not have a high price tag for the maintenance cost. The downside of using geothermal energy is that only a few sites on the planet can benefit from it. Places without any tectonic activities or heat source would never be able to benefit from this power.

4. Tidal, Wave, and Hydroelectric Energy

These powerful energy sources are generated through the action of the water. The tidal energy originated from the tidal forces that go back and forth the ocean. Wave energy is produced by large waves that can be found along the coasts. Hydroelectric energy, on the other hand, is produced by large dams, and it is the most common source of power for many cities on the planet. These are the most common types of renewable energy, and many countries rely on the power generated by the action of water. Without it, many cities and homes would turn dark. Despite the positive effects of using the water for power, many environmentalists are saying that hydropower is bad for the environment because it destroys ecosystems.

5. Biomass Energy

This energy is sourced from the waste products that were created by living organisms. When collected, waste products create methane, a type of powerful gas that can be used as an alternative energy source.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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