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How to Eat Better, Not Less

eat better

By Mikkie Mills

Dieting and eating healthy are almost like negative words in many people’s vocabulary today. Eating healthy is not always about how much you eat, but about what you eat and how you eat it. There are ways that you can eat healthier and make better food choices even when going about your daily life. Below are a few options that will help you learn to eat better without having to eat less.

Balance it Out
Many people today are obsessed with counting calories, but that shouldn’t be the basis of eating healthy. Instead of just counting calories all day long, you should focus on balancing out your nutrition. Consider the nutrients you are taking in each day by eating vegetables, carbs, fruits, and more. When you consume foods that are a part of all the food groups, you are going to receive more sustainable energy, and you will be eating healthier as well. You can even include casein protein powder to your daily nutritional values.

Don’t Graze
You’re not a cow. You shouldn’t spend all day grazing on countless snacks in your home or office. Grazing usually means that you are eating calories all day long without actually getting full off your foods. You shouldn’t spend the day snacking, but instead, plan out three major meals: breakfast, lunch, and supper. You can throw in two of three snacks during your day, but make sure they are planned snacks instead of whatever just happens to be right next to you on your desk or countertop.

Stock the Kitchen
It is extremely hard to eat healthily and make healthy food choices when your kitchen is not stocked properly. Instead of having all sorts of snacks, sodas, and junk foods in your kitchen, focus on stocking your kitchen for success. Add more vegetables, meats, and hearty foods that are healthy and delicious because you will be less tempted to break your diet. You are also more likely to eat whatever is right in front of you, so by having these healthier options in front of you; you are more likely to choose better foods to consume.

Split the Order
When you go out to eat, it can be difficult to control your portion sizes, which can hinder your feeling full during dinner. Instead of ordering all your food at once, try ordering the salad first or the soup. Chances are, you are only hungry for a small appetizer instead of a full meal. When you split up your order, you are giving yourself a chance to see how hungry you truly are, plus you might save some money in the long run by ordering smaller meals.

Don’t Tailspin
Often, people will be on a diet or trying to make better choices, and they might choose an unhealthy option or slip a bit on their diet. When this happens, people tend to go into a diet tailspin by completely doing away with their healthy food options and falling right back into those unhealthy patterns. However, don’t let this diet tailspin get the better of you. If you fall off the wagon, get back up and dust yourself off. It is never healthy to break your diet just because of one bad choice. If you make a bad choice, put it behind you and keep going with your healthy choices.

When you begin a new diet or are trying to eat healthier, it doesn’t always have to do with eating less. However, eating healthier has more to do with what you eat instead of how much you eat. Instead of focusing on calories, you should focus on the nutrients you are consuming, how you are treating your snack time, and even how you handle going out to eat. If you are starting to eat healthier, you can follow a few of the tips above to help you make better choices, prevent that diet tailspin, and create healthier habits in your kitchen and even when you go out to eat.

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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