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Dedicate January 1 as
Restart Your Health Day!

By Mikkie Mills

The New Year is almost upon us, so why not take steps to build healthier habits into your daily routines? This process can be quite simple and you can start it by replacing poor (or at least less healthy) habits with practices that will support, rather than abuse, your body.

What Are You Drinking?

Many of us start the day with coffee, considered by many to be a perfectly healthy beverage. However, as the day goes on we may start to make less healthy choices. If your daily routine includes sodas (regular or diet) you may be putting far too much pressure on your pancreas with too much sugar.

Diet sodas can damage your teeth due to their high acid content. Instead, treat yourself to a high quality thermal cup and increase your water intake. Additionally, you can give your body a kidney and liver cleanse by adding unsweetened green or white tea to your daily beverage routine.

What's on Your Plate?

A diet full of sugar and processed carbohydrates will...

  • cause you to gain weight
  • make you feel tired
  • make you look tired
  • punish your pancreas, and
  • age your skin permanently.

Carbs are nearly impossible to avoid because they are everywhere. In a hurry? Grab a sandwich. Got the munchies? Here's a bag of chips. Feeling sleepy? Have a soda.

Breaking away from carbs takes effort, but you can make this shift gradually with small, achievable goals that can lead to big changes over time.

A simple way to make sure you're getting the fruits and veggies needed is to cook at home. Even if you're not interested in cooking, you can prep some foods in advance. Cut up a fruit salad or prepare single servings of vegetables to snack on. This may help you achieve some financial goals as well!

Once you've shed a particular food or habit, it can take 30 repetitions of this change to help it stick. Stay true to your goals and pay attention to your energy level!

What Are You Doing?

Small actions will also help you make big changes over time in your physical activity level. A resolution to get more exercise is amorphous and undefined. A resolution to walk at least two flights of stairs a day is achievable and can be expanded as you get stronger.

Make these small changes as simple as possible by incorporating them into other activities. If you already need to go to the grocery store, park as far from the door as possible to get in some extra walking time. Need to run errands over lunch? Walk whenever possible so you don't lose your parking spot. Of course, you'll need to keep good walking shoes at the office, but you can treat yourself to a new pair as an investment in your health!

What Are You Feeding Your Brain?

Over-exposure to rants, cranks, outrage and fury are par for the course in today's culture. There's always something to be upset about, no matter where you fall on the political spectrum.

However, we need to monitor the blood pressure points we're burning on social media and when reading the comments at the end of newspaper articles. Avoiding toxins is as necessary for your brain as for your body. If you can't find a good news story to calm your soul, do one thing to help someone else out and focus on this instead of your crazy family member on Facebook.

Final Thoughts

New habits are tender shoots. They need cultivation and daily watering. By spending 5-10 minutes focusing on your new habits, you can boost your joy, improve your health and maybe even lengthen your life. Enjoy your restart!

About Mikkie Mills: “I’m a Chicago native who loves to share her expertise about personal development and growth. When I’m not writing, I’m chasing the little ones around or rock climbing at the local climbing gym.” More articles by Mikkie.

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