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5 Lifestyle Changes Every
Senior Citizen Should Make

By Craig Middleton

There are many lifestyle changes that seniors may want to consider making in order to improve their lives. While making these changes may seem difficult in the beginning, making them can greatly improve your health. Start by making small changes as the progress that you see will encourage you to try making larger changes.

Walk More
While it is very tempting to go hop in the car for even a quick jaunt, seniors need to walk more. Walking helps the brain to function better. Walking regularly helps to maintain a healthy body weight, helps to control or prevent many prevalent health conditions and improves coordination. People who walk regularly are usually happier because mood-boosting chemicals are released into the body. Seniors who walk more are often not as likely to fall. Bone density in seniors is usually higher in seniors who walk regularly.

Many seniors become isolated when they do not go to work everyday. Seniors who are isolated often experience depression. Therefore, it is vital that you get involved in the community. Look for groups interested in some of your favorite activities or volunteer for a non-profit in the community. Most will warmly welcome you to join them. A great way to start is to make a list of what you enjoy doing, and then find opportunities to pursue them in the community. Many seniors end up wondering how they ever had time to work because of all the possible activities that can fill their days.

Eat Healthy
A healthy diet is essential for seniors. Eating a variety of foods helps to make sure that you get the nutrients that your body needs. Watch your portion size, however, to make sure that you are not packing on extra pounds. Whole grains and produce should be a top priority when making out menus for preparing food at home. Seniors eating more leafy greens and less red meat have a lower risk of dementia. A great way to make sure that you are eating a balanced diet is to eat a variety of different colored foods every day.

Getting at least eight hours of sleep at night is essential for senior's health. Try going to bed at the same time each night and getting up at the same time each morning. There are many benefits of getting enough sleep including improving memory, stopping inflammation and helping seniors be creative problem solvers. Seniors who get enough sleep are usually able to respond faster helping to eliminate falling risks. Getting enough sleep is also vital to being able to pay attention during the day. Keeping the same sleep schedule will encourage your body to stay asleep at night leaving you more rested to enjoy your day.

Prepare a Home Medicine Kit
There are illnesses and emergency that can happen in every home. Therefore, make sure to prepare for them ahead of time with home remedies. Since many seniors have shingles, natural treatment solutions should be included in the medicine kit along with home cures for headaches, colds and other common ailments. Make sure to include bandages and natural ointments in the medicine kit. Consider including essential oils and herbs in your medicine kit. Commit yourself to learning home alternatives.

Seniors may also want to consider taking a basic first aid class in their communities. Seniors should commit themselves to making healthy changes to their lifestyle. Start by taking short walks. Interact with others in your community through joining interest groups or volunteering. Eat a healthy diet along with getting enough sleep. Prepare for minor illnesses and injuries by preparing a medicine kit for home use.

Craig Middleton has been in the real estate and home decor business for most of his professional career. He graduated at UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in Marketing. He now is the founder of Treetop Real Estate and enjoys building connections with other professionals.

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