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Why Teen Vaping Rates Are Up by 1,000 Percent but Youth Tobacco Smoking Rates Are Unchanged

By Craig Middleton

Modern technology has led to many innovations in today's world. Vaping is one of these intriguing developments that has shown to have immense potential. Proponents of vaping have suggested that vaping can become an alternative to smoking without any of the negative side effects. Furthermore, vaping can help addicted smokers continue their nicotine addiction without ingesting any of the cancerous chemicals found in cigarettes such as tar and other toxins.

Teens have begun to use a vape starter kit at a staggering rate. Many high schools are starting to crack down on vapes because they have become a very prevalent part of society. Critics of vaping emphasize that vaping among the youth can be very dangerous and lead to smoking and other drug use down the line. It has been proven, however, that although vaping rates are up by 1000 percent, youth tobacco smoking rates have remained unchanged. This is a shocking revelation and proves the point that many have hypothesized that vaping can prevent the youth from smoking cigarettes.

Why do the youth smoke?
The youth smoke for several reason. The biggest reason that they smoke is due to peer pressure. Seeing many of their friends turn to cigarettes with seemingly no problems, children have a skewed image of what cigarettes can really do to an individual's health. Children are also highly influenced by their surroundings and want to follow the footsteps of their friends. Another reason that young children and teenagers smoke is because they seek an escape. The act of smoking can be therapeutic and many young teens utilize cigarettes as a way to deal with stress and anxiety. This, however, can prove to be terrible for one's health.

The correlation between vaping and smoking
Many say that there is a strong correlation between vaping and smoking. Because it is a similar action, people say that vaping can lead to smoking down the line. Vapers are familiar with the act of inhaling smoke and may already have a nicotine addiction. The facts, however, are showing otherwise. There has been no increase in smoking among the youth in recent years. Vaping on the other hand has experienced exponential growth.

How can vaping can prevent smoking?
Vaping can prevent smoking for numerous reasons. Because vaping is similar to the act of smoking, young children who want to use cigarette to deal with stress and anxiety can do so but without any of the dangers and side effects. Furthermore, vaping is more appealing to the youth than cigarettes because cigarettes have a terrible taste, but vapes have great smelling and tasting flavors that are more appealing to kids. Kids who vape are not likely to turn to cigarettes because they already have vapes which satisfy all of their needs.

Young teenagers or children who have already started smoking can also turn around and start vaping instead so they can prioritize their health. Every need they have regarding cigarettes can easily be satisfied with the use of vapes. Vaping has also become more socially acceptable and common so many teens may turn to vaping instead of smoking.

It is evident that vaping does not lead to smoking down the line. There is simply no evidence to confirm this hypothesis. There is however information that proves that vaping increases have left smoking unchanged. Teenagers are not turning to cigarettes at any faster rate than they would if vaping was not as prevalent as it was before. This proves the point that vapes are a suitable and viable replacement for cigarettes and can stop many young people from turning to cigarettes.

Craig Middleton has been in the real estate and home decor business for most of his professional career. He graduated at UC Berkeley with a bachelor's degree in Marketing. He now is the founder of Treetop Real Estate and enjoys building connections with other professionals.

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