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Let Microtia Surgery
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Microtia Surgery

Some babies are born with a defective earlobe, some may be small or deformed, and in severe cases, there may be no earlobe at all. This condition is known as microtia and in fact, it is fairly common in babies, the condition usually is more physical than functional, there are no issues in the inner ear and the baby can perfectly hear, but the outer ear’s structure and form are what is affected. Microtia Surgery New York service providers will help babies with deformed ears and non-existent ears a chance at not being seen as different or not normal when they grow up. Some people may think that a slight deformity in an ear does not warrant the fuss and trouble of correcting it, but imagine how the child would feel once he or she is old enough to play with other children and he or she gets noticed for having a funny ear? It is a reality that the world is cruel and even playgrounds and preschool can be, especially for a child who knows that there is something wrong with how they look or how they are not like other normal children. Thus, it is always best to correct this condition before the child goes to school, at about four years of age for those who do not have visible earlobes and about a few weeks old for those with slight deformities. 

Microtia Surgery New York 

An excellent Microtia Surgery New York provider can perform the correction of deformed earlobes for babies who are born with the defect, and for adults who may have lost their ears to cancer or accidents and other illnesses. The goal is to correct the deformed earlobes as early as possible for babies with microtia. For adults, surgery will be reconstructive, wherein cadaveric cartilage will be used to shape and form a new ear and this will be attached to the face of the patient and will look just like a regular ear. The said providers focus on developing techniques that will enable babies and adults alike to have normal looking earlobes with the highest chances of survival and not rejecting the new ear, with minimal risk for infection and the ear will actually have sensations, not like prosthetic ears. The procedure will not take more than three hours and is done in the clinic and the patient can be sent home after the procedure. The treatment is relatively safe and covered by health insurance. 

Microtia Surgery New York and Its Goals 

Experts in the field that belong to the group Microtia Surgery New York are able to provide medical procedures to treat the condition called microtia. Microtia ranges from mild wherein the earlobe may be small, deformed, lacking in folds, or undefined, to severe where there are no earlobes at all as is the case for babies born with the said condition. For babies with mild microtia, a new implant called ear molding can correct the deformity beginning in about a week old. The implant will be placed in the deformed ear and will be left there for a set duration to enable the ear to adhere to the mold. The mold should stay in place the whole time for it to work, thus it has a perforated cover so that the baby can still hear. For those with severe microtia, reconstructive ear surgery has to be performed. In a new technique, doctors in the Microtia Surgery New York uses cadaveric cartilage from the Musculoskeletal Tissue Foundation to shape and form a new ear that is based on the existent ear of the patient. Once the new ear has been sculpted, it will then be surgically attached to the head so as to give the patient a new ear. This technique has been perfected by the team and is performed only in Microtia Surgery New York. In fact, patients from all over the country and even from other countries seek medical procedures. 

How To Contact The Microtia Surgery New York Service Providers?

Contacting a service provider of Microtia Surgery in New York should not be difficult to do. You need to call first to schedule an appointment for an initial consultation. You just need to do a quick search on the internet for their contact details and be sure to set an appointment that you can commit to going to as slots may be limited. The staff will be informing you of any documents that you need to bring to the appointment, you should follow this religiously. On the day of the appointment, come on time and make sure to have all the questions you might want to ask during the consultation. During the consultation, the doctors will ask for information about your baby’s condition, and your pregnancy which might have contributed to the condition. This is to ensure that your baby will be a good candidate for the procedure. If your baby just needs molding, this can be done right away once you have understood the procedure and how it will help your baby have a better ear after it. If it requires surgery, then the earliest schedule will be when your child is about four years old, as the surgery will entail general anesthesia. Meanwhile, you will be taught how to handle and clean your baby’s head and ears until he or she could be operated on. 

The Microtia Surgery New York Providers Guarantee A Safe Procedure

In the past, when adults lost their ears to cancer or freak accidents or to any other illnesses, the option was to put on a prosthetic ear, which could work but is unsightly and only calls attention, hence making the patient even more self-conscious. Microtia Surgery New York service providers have developed a safe and revolutionary technique in sculpting an ear from cadaveric cartilage that is safe and works so well. The doctor will scan the remaining ear to get a mirror image of the ear, then cartilage is sculpted based on that image. The use of cartilage means that the sculpted ear will look and resemble a natural-looking ear and will also have sensations and will be surgically attached to the head. There is less chance of the body rejecting the new ear as it is from cadaveric cartilage, and it also means that the procedure can be done fast without any need for a long recuperation. 

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