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Most Popular Methods To Pass a
Drug Test For Weed

You don’t need to sidestep your drug test again, as there are several ways you can pass a drug test when you have been exposed to any prohibited substances. You just need to know a few tricks to pass your drug test without providing fake samples.

In this article, we will be showing you some of the best ways to pass a drug test for thc.

Why Do Employers Require a Drug Test for Weed?

Drug testing is one of the many ways an employer puts their employees in check. The employer can only be sure that the employee is not engaging in banned substances through drug tests.

Here are some of the reasons why employers carry out drug tests:

  • Safety of job - The abuse of drugs and substances has led to several workplace incidents and hazards. In order to prevent such life-threatening incidents in the workplace, there is a need to put in place a means of deterring the use of drugs.
  • Requirements of Law - There are government-made laws requiring employers to carry out drug tests on their workers as a safety measure. For instance, DOT drug testing regulation requires that drug tests be carried out on individuals who perform safety-sensitive tasks.
  • Identification of Drug Use - employers are to carry out drug tests before employing a prospective employee to identify if such an individual is an abuser of substances or alcohol. There is a need to know early that an employee is not an abuser of drugs.

There are various types of drug tests for weed, and the knowledge of the type of test you are to carry out is vital to know how to pass such a test and the drug test kit to use. You can find out how to detox your body before the drug test here.

Types of drug tests are:

  1. Urine Drug Test - This is the most common form of drug test, which involves providing a fresh sample of urine at a lab for examination. One example of this type of test is ehrlich reagent test. You might also be required to do that under supervision. Providing the urine sample under close supervision will prevent any form of urine falsification or swapping. If you have substances in your body system such as opioids, opiates, alcohol, the urine test will reveal their presence in your body. You might be wondering how long you need to be clean to pass a urine drug test. This will depend on how potent the detox product you use for the urine drug test. 
  1. Blood test - This is the most effective way of carrying out drug tests. It is carried out by an expert medical practitioner who will have to draw your blood. Your blood sample will be examined to find the trace of thc. What makes the blood test unique is that it can trace the presence of weed that you used three weeks ago in your blood. In addition, through blood tests, nicotine and alcohol can also be detected. 
  1. Hair Follicle Drug Test - A hair might also be collected as a sample for a drug test. With your hair samples, weed that has been used four months ago can be detected. This is because the residue of the drug used ends in the scalp. Due to this, many people try to avoid hair drug tests because it is unrealistic and fails to detect the exact drug use.
  2. Saliva test - This is the easiest way to detect the use of drugs that have recently been taken. This can be used to detect the use of weed taken a few hours ago. All that you need to do is to provide your saliva sample. This is done through the collection of your mouth swab or by spitting in a tube.

Here are some of the tricks to pass your drug tests

  1. Home Remedies - There are various home remedies you can use to pass your drug test. These remedies will help detox your body and rid your body of weed. One of the best home remedies is Apple Cider vinegar.The Apple Cider Vinegar is a form of detox diet, it is also a natural formula to pass your drug test.
  1. Detox Drinks - You can get some of the best weed detox drink products online . This product functions just like water and flushes your body of the weed in your body. Some of these types of products are made explicitly for thc detox. It will help you passa urine drug test.
  2. Detox Shampoo - if you are going for a hair drug test, getting a detox hair shampoo will come in handy for you. However, you should note that carrying out a drug test through the use of your hair sample is quite tricky because of how stubborn it can be to cleanse your scalp of weeds. You should make sure that you use an effective product.
  3. Mouthwash for mouth swabs - You can pass your drug test with the aid of mouthwash when you are asked to carry out a saliva sample. You can use products rich in hydrogen peroxide to wash your mouth, or you can get other mouthwash detox products.

Female thc is also the same as male thc. However, specific physician prescriptions should be followed.

What is difference between the homemade remedies and detox products?

Homemade Remedies Detox products

You need to know how to prepare this and the quantity you are to take.

It is ready-made, and the prescription is in the leaflet.

They are natural

Most times, these products contain synthetic ingredients.

It takes a long time to detox the body

It takes less time to detox the body.


How long does THC stay in the body?
You might be wondering how long does Marijuana stay in your system chart.This will depend on the quantity you have consumed. THC may stay in your body for as long as ten days if you are an infrequent user, and 30 days or more for a heavy user.

Does exercise help you easily pass your drug test?
No, vigorous exercise doesn’t have an impact on the status of your drug test results.

Does Alcohol help in flushing your body with drugs?

No, Alcohol will not flush your body of the drug in your system. It, in fact, will complicate your drug test.

Is it advisable for a pregnant woman to use the Weed detox product?
You should see a physician for a prescription. Medical supervision is essential for detoxing while pregnant.

How long does weed take to get out of your system?
This will depend on the type of the weed detox kit you purchase. There are detox productsthat will cleanse your body within one to ten days.


Understanding the different ways in which employees can carry out drug tests allows you pre[are adequately. You can use various detox products to pass your drug test. However, it is best to consider the ones that work fast without compromising efficiency.

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