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Mesh Coils Vs Regular Coils:
What Makes Mesh Better?

A vape coil is a critical organ of your vape device that directly influences the vaping experience. Atomizers contain vape coils wound by a thick wicking material. This setup is responsible for absorbing the liquid from the tank and utilizing the heat to create vapors.

Vape coils transfer the battery's power to heat the e-liquid and are hence crucial to ensure your device is performing well. The right coil for a vaporizer is determined by the resistance level that is compatible with the system.

mesh coil

A coil that provides low resistance tends to create intense vapor that enhances your vaping experience. But there is another way of improving the vapor density and overall experience. And this involves experimenting with some potent alternative to regular vape coils such as the mesh coil. So what is a mesh coil, and why is it better?

What Is A Mesh Coil?

Mesh coil refers to a grid of metal designed to improve the surface area that comes in contact with the wick. They are typically long strips of metal like Nichrome, Stainless Steel, or Kanthal, with small holes punched at intervals.

These coils have a similar function as that of the regular coil, to act like the heating element in a vape device to evaporate the e-liquid. But the efficiency of mesh coil is such that it can provide an optimized vaporization process with reduced volume that makes it a superior choice as a Sub Ohm coil.


Kanthal is among the most popular vape coil materials. It is easy to locate in vape stores and is also actively used for making mesh coils. Kanthal exhibits dual resistance to oxidation and can stay in shape for a long time, making it the ideal choice for a superior vaping experience.The material is economical and straightforward to work with.

mesh coil

Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel is the ideal choice to work in both TC and wattage mode. The wires come in different grades and contain 0% nickel. The material is easy to use and offers improved temperature control as well. Compared to Kanthal, stainless steel offers elevated ramp-up time and a clean flavor profile. It is also a cheap option for a durable mesh coil.

Comparing Regular And Mesh Coil

Increased Surface Area

Mesh coils offer more surface area compared to regular coils. It helps to provide even heating as the same amount of current spread across the entire surface area than standard coils.

Throat Hit

Regular coils tend to get hot and provide a warm vapor that contributes to a strong throat hit. In the case of multi-cores, such as dual through quad-core coils, the heating is much higher. Hence the throat hit is also progressively intense. In the case of mesh coils, the system does not get too hot. Hence, they produce cooler vapor and smooth throat hit.

mesh coil


Regular coils, including multi-cores, tend to witness intense heating. It causes damage to the metal. These coils require replacement very often for chain vapers. The combination of potent material and design in mesh coils helps to reduce the damage. Hence the frequency of replacement needed is much lower than that of regular coils.


High heating indicates regular coils consume a lot of energy. It could drain your battery much faster. Mesh coils are the best choice for conserving batteries as they tend to show better performance even with minimal heating.


Compared to single-core coils, multi-cores offer better vapor density and flavor profile. But these aspects come at the cost of increased battery usage and heating. Mesh coils offer similar flavor performance without overloading the battery, which makes it a much better choice.

Why Is Mesh Coil Better For You?

The main purpose of mesh coils is to enhance the surface area of contact between the coil and wick to improve heat transfer for optimized vaporization. Increasing the surface area helps to expand the vapor density. It also creates even heating throughout the coil and hence reduces the chances of hot spots. This way, one can increase the coil's lifetime and wick significantly and prevent a burnt taste.

Although mesh coils consume more cotton than regular coils, they have a thick wrap around to absorb more e-liquid. It elevates the flavor profile of the vapors and also provides a long-lasting experience.

mesh coil

Mesh coils last longer than regular coil due to even heating. They are thus a more cost-effective option for vapers. These coils are also easy and inexpensive to replace.

A good mesh coil can give a competent performance for at least 15 days, even with regular usage. They also require less power for a powerful performance as compared to the standard coil. Mesh coils also can withstand high wattage systems with minimal damages. It is one reason why the coil is becoming popular, especially for use in Sub-Ohm systems.

Shortcomings Of Mesh Coil

Although mesh coils offer a superior and optimized performance compared to regular coils, they do pose a few shortcomings that you need to consider while making a choice.

Mesh coils have a lot of wicking material wound on them. It causes heavy absorption of e-liquid from the tank to provide great flavors. But it also means that the system will consume a lot more juice than usual. You might have to purchase e-liquid often compared to before to continue to enjoy the habit.

Mesh coils offer even heating of the vaporization system. It causes a more smooth and comfortable experience or throat hit as compared to regular coils. This feeling could be difficult for individuals trying to replace smoking as the throat hit may not be competent, leaving them craving more nicotine than usual.


Mesh coil will provide the ideal surface area to support good vapor density without requiring the device to heat up too much. It can be the right choice for users at an affordable price range.

Determining the right coil for your current vaping setup can be tedious and time-consuming. Keep your device's design and requirements in mind while comparing the options available to make the best choice.

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