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Mental Health is Something We Should Discuss Everyday of the Year

mental health

This year is soon to end, and the significance of mental health has never felt more important than in the last few months. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed everything already, and the lockdown restrictions, social distancing, and closure of public centers have added stress to everyone’s life. Health experts are concerned over an increasing number of people searching for diazepam for sale in UK. The increased number of orders to buy drugs like valium shows that people are failing to manage stress, making it hard to survive a pandemic.

Contrary to popular belief, good mental health doesn’t mean one has no issues or diseases. Emotional stability, a positive attitude, and optimism are also necessary, which is why many people don’t even realize that they need help. Unfortunately, mental health awareness talks are limited to one month only, and after that, everyone forgets about it. Here is why talking about mental health is necessary every month of the year.

What is Mental Health Awareness?

Mental health is often a favorite topic for think tanks and discussions in May, celebrated as Mental Awareness Month. But once this month is over, these talks, campaigns, and discussions suddenly end, and everything goes back to start. This is mainly due to social stigma, which is associated with the term ‘mental illnesses.

Mental health issues are becoming more prevalent with time, mainly because people aren’t getting any treatment. So, they end up isolating themselves, which makes their condition worse. Discussing mental health issues allow people to open up about their feelings with others. This way, the community picks up the concept of mental health illnesses as a real issue. By doing this one-step approach, the increased demand for medication can be controlled.

Who Can Become a Patient?

Mental health issues can show up in anyone; there is no discrimination. NHS England estimates that one out of every four adults and one in ten children have any mental illness. These numbers have been drastically increased during the COVID-19 lockdown period when people searched online options to buy drugs. While medicines like diazepam, which typically treat anxiety, are helpful, watching thousands of people using them is a warning that the next pandemic might be a stress-pandemic.

Most Common Mental Health Problems

Depression, panic disorder, and mixed anxiety are among the most common types of mental health problems in the UK. Still, a large number of these patients never receive help because of the stigma associated with mental disorders, psychiatrists, and psychotherapy. Thousands of people have switched to online sellers to purchase medication so that they don’t have to face anyone or explain anything to any person. This self-medication may help, to some extent, but without proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment plan, it is hard to manage stress. That is why encouraging people to talk about mental health issues all year, every day, and whenever they want is much needed.

How Does Stress Show Up?

Interestingly, stress is not a disease itself, but it is a precursor of dozens of mental disorders, all of which originate from simple stress. Every mental illness shows up differently, but some overlapping symptoms show up in many of them. Many people buy drugs, vapes, alcohol, or any addictive substance to get over these symptoms. Here is a list of these warning signs:

  • Eating too little or too much
  • Sleeping too long or not sleeping at all
  • Aggression, agitation, and hatred towards everything
  • Thinking about harming yourself
  • Feeling hopeless, disappointed, and helpless
  • Inability to focus on anything
  • Feeling tired all the times
  • Experiencing fear, worry, and anger
  • Forgetting all important things, events, and people
  • Extreme mood swings and inability to manage anger

When to Seek Help?

If a person suspects having a mental disorder, the first thing is to maintain a positive attitude. Self-acceptance is necessary before even searching for the options to find the one which helps in the best way. This self-acceptance may not be accurate or evident at the initial stage, without consulting a doctor. But convincing yourself that you need help and searching for potential options is a good start towards this healing journey.

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