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Men vs Women Workout at the Gym

When it comes to working out and hitting the gym, men are from Mars and women are from Venus. They have different techniques, different likes and completely different goals that are affected by biology as much as they are affected by cultural paradigms of "femininity" and "masculinity".

This is clearly visible when asked about their preferences: men tend to prefer working out hard, pumping iron and don't mind getting sweaty if it helps them bulk up and build some muscle; while women prefer to stay trim and thin, usually work out with the intent to look good, would rather not get sweaty or jiggly and prefer group activities such as yoga or pilates. Let's explore this a bit.

Men's workouts

As previously mentioned, men usually prefer to play sports or lift weights if they are looking to work out: they do it because it is fun, it helps them get rid of adrenaline, and it is something they have always done.

However, men rarely work out in a haphazard manner: they are usually after a goal. They want to build muscle and get bigger, and you can't do so by "winging it": you need a carefully crafted plan that balances exercise and diet.

Men's favourite area to build tends to be the upper torso: chest, shoulder and arms. They prefer to do so by using free weights, but they will also use machines such as the ones that allow for lateral pulldowns, rowing or, whenever possible, ropes (climbing is a great workout for the back and shoulders).

Additionally, to build muscle, you need to eat big, do little repetitions and lift big weights; and you must never forget to rest and give your muscles a break every once in a while.

Women's workouts

In contrast to men, women prefer to get leaner and tighter: they really don't want to get muscular and if they do, they usually want to build "longer" muscles instead of big, bulky ones. Women also prefer less intense workouts that would make them get sweaty, or that might display their little "less than perfect" areas.

Therefore, women tend to favour cardio and prefer workouts that might last longer, but involve less stress to their muscles: running on treadmills, biking and specially group activities such as yoga, pilates or dancing: it allows them to exercise, get leaner and look better while helping them have fun as a group and even helping them make friends.Whenever women want to build muscle they usually favour building their lower body: abdominals, legs and butt. While men tend to favour free weights, women usually prefer machines: those that allow them to work out their legs are their favourites, for example the ones that allow them to do leg curls or hip bridges.

Some men or women may not like to travel long distances to visit their local gym. If an individual was living in York, they would much rather visit their local gym in York and spend that extra valuable time working out.

While many women worry about getting too bulky and muscular we would like to remind them that it is much more difficult for women to build muscle than for men: they lack the testosterone necessary to do so, so do not worry !

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