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Melatonin as a Supplement

Melatonin is one of the most popular nootropics in the market nowadays. Synthesized Melatonin is available in powder and tablet form, so you may choose the best choice that suits you and your organism.

Melatonin is a hormone that our body naturally produces, it is secreted by the pineal gland, a pine cone-shaped organ which is located at the centre of our brain and is only 1cm in size. Once this hormone is produced, it will go quickly on the brain fluid and spinal cord then sends a signal to other body organs. Melatonin hormone is being produced 10 times during night than daytime. Some study says that producing melatonin in the body can be changed according to the weather or what they call seasonal. It is also believed that it has a minor role during puberty.

It is also believed that even animals are producing this hormone. It was first discovered in 1958 by Professor Aaron B. Learner and his colleagues at Yale University. Learn more about Melatonin supplements here.

Melatonin has a very serious role in the body as it is responsible for the circadian rhythm or sleep-wake cycle. When the eyes are exposed to the light and the pupils are dilated, the melatonin secretion is being affected as it normally produces during the night time or in the dim light.

The mutual problems among the people are poor sleep and most of them are affected by sleeping malaise. Having a poor sleep can lessen the productivity of your day, your energy and even your health.

What happens when you don't get enough of sleep? More often we do always link sleep deprivation on becoming unproductive, but it's not the only thing that can happen to you.

When you don't get enough sleep you will most likely get into an accident. Often the reason for an accident is sleepiness as it was compared to the feeling of being drunk. As we may notice that the mind is out of focus especially when having a small amount of sleep is more often than the right amount.

Having a lack of sleep can also become a cause of serious health problems as it affects the blood vessel circulation on the heart. People who don't get enough sleep are prone to cardiovascular diseases. It can also be a risk for diabetes because sleep can affect the release of insulin on our body. Another one is weight gain because when you are awake for a long time the chemical on your brain will be not balanced thus you will feel more hungry.

It can also affect the immunity when your body has more awake time than sleeping. Sleep deprivation may also be a cause of lower sex drive. Melatonin is a normal hormone which occurs to maintain the function of the body particularly in medical conditions like trouble-sleeping.

Persons who are struggling to fall asleep, jetlag, insomnia and anxiety may take Melatonin as a natural supplement to stimulate restful sleep. It shows that taking a melatonin supplement will improve your body condition by helping you fall asleep faster. Thus, it will generate a steady, consistent sleep pattern at the same every bed night to give and to ensure your body with an ample period of time to relax.

Most of the study states that healthy melatonin which has a high volume level of antioxidant can also help to avert eye weakening along with sustaining the good condition of the eye. Moreover, there is an indication claiming that Melatonin might also get rid of headaches and can be a treatment of a cancer patient.

Nevertheless, this research is unlikely to be believed as this is subject to the approval of the scientist or experts of the individual who are having this sickness upon taking the Melatonin. Therefore, it claimed that this research is yet to confirm as they need to carry out more experiments about this one.

Also, there is some study that Melatonin helps with DSPD or also called Delaid Sleep Phase Disorder. This is a disorder where an individual’s sleep is delaid by two or more hours beyond the normal sleeping time of a person. The delay can also affect the wake-up time. Most people with DSPD are being more productive at night. As their routines are reversed.

In addition, most of the patients for DSPD have depression or behavioural problems as these are the result of drowsiness during the daytime, also it affects your productivity and motivation. According to some experience, adults often become more dependent on coffee, tea, or alcohol. Some research says that one of the causes of DSPD is puberty.

Because of certain behaviour or lifestyle, people tend to have sleeping issues and permanent fatigue, most likely the only solution would be to remake the working schedule or agenda by adapting most of the activities to a daytime.

With the above, some of the studies claim that it is not advisable to take Melatonin for a long-term as this is only accepted for short term only henceforth. Prolonged usage may bring drowsiness even in the daytime.

Melatonin is mainly used as a sleeping aid, or to regularize the sleeping pattern of the body. Most physiciansrecommend taking this supplement the same time every day to create the sleeping pattern that the consumer desires.

Is melatonin legal? In most countries this is indeed legal, as this is considered as a dietary supplement and can even be bought over the counter. However, reports said that in few countries may be needed to get a prescription before buying melatonin supplements. A melatonin supplement can be a form of tablet or powder.

What is the recommended dosage of Melatonin Supplement? For tablets containing 1mg, it is best to take 1 (one) 30 minutes or an hour before going to sleep and the same with the powder ones.

Experts mostly recommend taking Melatonin the same time every day to regulate your sleep-wake cycle. It is also best to start with less dosage then if you need to add some after a while you can do so.

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