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Medical Uses For Botox That Have
Nothing To Do With Wrinkles

Many people have heard about the potential benefits of Botox. However, fewer individuals know what this substance is. Fortunately, residents of Canadian cities like Calgary and Edmonton interested in said subject can enroll in an educational event known as a filler course.

Botox Overview

Botox is a protein extracted from the nerve-paralyzing bacteria, the botulism toxin. Those who receive said substance for medical purposes usually have it injected over as few as one to several sessions.

Botox Uses

Those who enroll in the filler course will learn that Botox may have far more uses than it first appears, including the following...


Individuals afflicted with this condition tend to perspire excessively. Botox has proven effective in paralyzing the sweat glands of said individuals. Ergo, such persons do not sweat as much and are not forced to deal with the aesthetic impact of this condition.

Crossed Eyes

Scientifically referred to as strabismus, this condition occurs when the eyes fail to appropriately align. Typically, one eye is up, while the other is down. On other occasions, one eye turns inward or outward. Researchers suggest that the underlying issue precipitating this malady is a failure of the eye muscles to operate in tandem. When Botox is injected into the impacted eye's surface muscle. Eventually, the chemical permeates into the offending muscle, weakens said structure and enables the eyes to ultimately align properly.

Overactive Bladder

The muscles inside the bladders of those diagnosed with this condition often experience an urgent need to urinate, frequent trips to the appropriate facilities to complete said action and, in severe instances, might precipitate accidental urinary leakages. Certain medical professionals have suggested that Botox has been relatively effective in calming bladder muscles.

Migraine Headaches

Botox has been prescribed as a therapeutic regiment for migraine headaches. This severe condition can precipitate crippling head pain, sensitivity to light, nausea, vision issues and vomiting. The American medical watchdog group the Food and Drug Administration has approved Botox as an acceptable remedial protocol. 

Other Conditions

In addition to the preceding health issues, Botox has also received some favorable attention for its capacity as a possible treatment option for maladies like premature ejaculation, heart arrhythmias, chronically cold hands, cleft lips, chins and palettes in babies born with birth defects and depression.

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