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5 Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card
in Florida

Medical Marijuana Card

Marijuana is a drug that has been used for thousands of years by many cultures. Today, over 20 states in the United States allow medical use of marijuana. Florida is one of those states that will enable you to use it medicinally.

You can use medical marijuana to treat chronic pain, nausea, and other conditions. So if you struggle with these conditions or something else, medical marijuana may be a good fit!

To use medical marijuana in Florida, you must get a medical marijuana card (MMJ). However, there are some things to consider before getting a card and visiting dispensaries in Florida.

We reveal five benefits of getting a Florida medical marijuana card. And as a bonus, we include three challenges you may face and how to overcome them.

5 Benefits of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

1. Medical Marijuana Has Few Side Effects

Some people use medical marijuana over prescription drugs because it has fewer side effects.

Prescription drugs can cause serious side effects and, in some cases, death. But, marijuana is almost harmless when used in moderation by adults.

However, just like alcohol, too much marijuana can do more harm than good. The best way to avoid problems with THC is to stick to recommended dosages.

If there is any concern, consult your doctor on whether the dosages need adjusting.

2. It Can Treat Various Health Conditions

Based on recent studies, medical marijuana has many positive health applications. The most common use is to relieve pain and nausea in chemotherapy patients. It can also treat multiple sclerosis and other chronic diseases that cause seizures.

You may have been struggling with a condition that hasn't improved in a while now. If that's true, medical marijuana may be a good alternative.

3. Different Strains Work for Various Purposes

The sativa and indica marijuana strains work for all kinds of medical issues. In addition, by joining the two, you can create many hybrids. So, with the many options available, it’s easier to find effective strains for you.

The condition of arthritis, for instance, can be treated effectively with marijuana. In some cases, though, the medical application needs different strains of marijuana. For example, a few effective marijuana strains are Afghan Kush and Blue Dream.

In addition to marijuana, some patients add CBD to their treatment plan. Cannabis rich in CBD chemicals can help reduce inflammation and pain.

4. Marijuana Is More Affordable

In Florida, medical marijuana users can get discounts on their purchases. For example, if you register with a specific dispensary, you may be eligible to receive discounts.

Ask whether the dispensary you go to offers discounts. For example, many offer memberships, and in many cases, this includes a hefty discount.

5. A MMJ Card Offers Legal Protection

The last thing you want to do is use marijuana illegally. Having an MMJ card protects you from any legal recourse.

In Florida, it is against the law to use marijuana recreationally. It is also against the law to buy marijuana other than at a dispensary.

So, getting an MMJ card ensures you are using marijuana legally. Accessing medical marijuana with complete legal protection is vital. With legal protection, you also won’t experience an interruption in your treatment plan.

3 Concerns of Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Florida

Getting an MMJ card isn’t as easy as snapping your fingers. You may run into some challenges along the way. Below are three things to keep in mind and how to overcome any hurdles.

1. You’re Worried About Becoming Addicted

Becoming addicted to marijuana may be a concern of yours. Not to worry, if you follow the instructions of your physician, it should be beneficial.

If there is any doubt, get in touch with a medical professional. They can guide you where to turn if you feel you are becoming addicted.

2. It Contains High Levels of THC

You may be concerned about marijuana’s high level of THC. But for medical marijuana, high THC levels are preferred. High levels of THC make it possible to treat various conditions.

As mentioned, if appropriately used, THC shouldn’t be an issue. Work closely with your doctor and other medical health professionals to ensure your dosage is correct.

Besides marijuana with THC, other options are available, like using CBD. CBD does not contain THC but still can help with conditions like anxiety and chronic pain.

3. A Doctor Isn’t Willing to Sign Off

Suppose you have trouble finding a doctor who will sign off on your medical marijuana card. In that case, you should take this as an opportunity to ask for help from your local medical community.

You can go to another doctor to see if they will sign off. Another option is to get your MMJ card online.

You may have a medical condition that warrants you to use medical marijuana. Then, you shouldn’t have an issue getting it approved. Here are the medical conditions that may qualify you to get an MMJ card.


With a valid Florida medical marijuana card, there are many benefits. To take advantage of the healing properties of marijuana, look into getting an MMJ and reap the rewards!

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