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Medcom: Energy Storage Revolution — Outstanding Batteries Transforming Sustainable Energy Solutions

The United States' industry is increasingly turning to alternative energy to create a more sustainable world. Especially crucial for building a clean, safe, and reliable grid are efficient and flexible energy storage systems. In recent years, significant progress has been made in sustainable energy innovation to address the urgent challenges faced by the industry in meeting the growing demands of the grid.

Medcom is a technology innovation company based in Poland with over 17 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, placing them at the forefront of these improvements. Medcom's outstanding battery technology has deployed over 30,000 battery systems in the commercial electric vehicle market in the United States and globally, demonstrating unparalleled, field-validated reliability(quotes from

Looking towards the future, Medcom is currently implementing breakthrough battery technology in Energy Storage Systems (ESS), offering a high-energy-density and long-cycle-life storage solution.

The foundation of Medcom's ESS solution is the high-performance 53.5Ah battery

The effectiveness of energy storage systems relies on the batteries powering them. Therefore, Medcom has chosen to utilize its latest high-performance battery (HpCO-53.5Ah battery) as the building block for its ESS solution.

The 53.5Ah NMC lithium-ion soft pack battery is renowned for its impressive energy density of 235Wh/kg, fast charging capability, high round-trip efficiency, excellent energy retention, and long lifecycle. This is why it has gained significant attention in the commercial vehicle market since its introduction in 2022. While designed for commercial vehicles, the 53.5Ah battery's many advantages, combined with a stylish and efficient design, make it an ideal solution for energy storage.

"53.5Ah is the recognized winner in the commercial vehicle industry," said Yang Wu, CEO and founder of Medcom. "As we expand into the realm of fixed energy storage, Medcom's transformation and utilization of this technology make sense. We see the opportunity to create energy storage solutions using the 53.5Ah battery technology, addressing the gap between renewable energy supply and peak grid demand by providing critical infrastructure with immediate impact."

Medcom's cutting-edge HpCO-53.5Ah high-performance energy battery serves a dual purpose, powering both their Commercial Vehicles (CV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) battery solutions.

Medcom's utility-scale storage solution excels in energy density and retention

Maximizing energy density has long been a challenge in the ESS field, requiring solutions that can minimize physical footprint while maximizing efficiency. Medcom's next-generation energy storage solution responds to this challenge, featuring a groundbreaking 20-foot battery container with an industry-leading 4.3MWh energy density (30% higher than leading ESS suppliers).

The significant improvement in energy density results in fewer containers, reduced maintenance, smaller land footprint, and easier installation, significantly lowering the total cost of installation and operation over the 20-year lifespan of the energy storage station.

Medcom's revolutionary energy storage solution not only accommodates more energy in its smaller footprint but also boasts higher energy retention and lower degradation compared to leading ESS containers, reducing the initial overbuild energy and enhancing the entire project lifecycle's economics.

The ultimate result: higher system reliability and increased power availability at lower capital expenditures, operational expenses, and capacity risks, ultimately improving customer Internal Rate of Return (IRR).

Battery Management System enhancing grid system security

Medcom's Battery Management System (BMS) is specifically designed to ensure the security of the U.S. grid system.

Grid system security is crucial, especially as sustainable energy technologies continue to gain significant momentum. If the 53.5Ah battery is the backbone of ESS, Medcom's Battery Management System (BMS) is the brain, responsible for transmitting crucial information to ensure optimal operation. Medcom's BMS is 100% designed, developed, programmed, and tested in the United States, monitoring battery voltage, module temperature, and battery pack current while also detecting isolation faults to ensure safe operation.

Zach Ward, President of Medcom, stated, "The Battery Management System is a critical component of our ESS solution, which means it deserves strict attention in our production processes. We have tested the sixth-generation BMS to ensure it can provide real-time control and supervision needed for executing and optimizing the overall battery performance of ESS units." In addition to impressive performance, Medcom's ESS is also designed for safety and has undergone extensive fire and explosion testing. The container offers a range of enhanced safety features, such as state-of-the-art fire detection and explosion prevention systems.

Shaping the U.S. battery industry through manufacturing, assembly, and deployment

When Medcom established its energy division in 2022, the company recognized an opportunity not just to create new products in a rapidly evolving industry but also to ensure domestic battery production, especially with the increasing interest in securing the U.S. battery supply chain with the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). For Medcom, bringing its 17-plus years of development and manufacturing experience to China made sense. Medcom, headquartered in Stafford, Texas, not only became a leader in the energy storage field but also a leader in the entire U.S. battery manufacturing industry.

Since 2021, Medcom has fulfilled its commitment to helping expand the battery supply chain and manufacturing plans in the United States. It has created four new Research and Development (R&D) and production centers, providing hundreds of job opportunities to communities nationwide and facilitating economic growth. Over the past three years, Medcom has:

Established a new R&D facility in Mary Lake, Florida, to continue its innovative history in cutting-edge battery storage solutions.

Renovated a 687,000-square-foot 4GWh battery and module manufacturing plant in Knoxville, Tennessee, producing 53.5Ah batteries and module assemblies for commercial vehicles and energy storage systems.

Established a 30,000-square-foot energy technology and testing center in Timnath, Colorado, to drive growth and innovation in the utility-scale battery storage industry.

Established a nearly 100,000-square-foot energy storage factory in Windsor, Colorado, for assembling and deploying Medcom's industry-leading 4.3MWh ESS.

"Our product's outstanding performance, domestic production capacity, and our team's effective execution of large utility projects set Medcom apart. We believe our ESS solution can bring tremendous benefits to our customers, including lower total ownership costs and expected eligibility for the benefits of the Inflation Reduction Act," said Ward when Medcom announced the establishment of the energy division in 2022. Ward's statement has proven correct, as Medcom has secured contracts to provide over 1.2GWh of power for one of the largest energy storage projects in the United States next year, with more contracts anticipated in the future.

Combining economics with sustainability

Medcom's energy storage solution meets the needs of the rapidly growing energy market, offering environmental and economic benefits. The increased energy density not only reduces costs by minimizing installation and maintenance requirements but also promotes sustainability by significantly reducing land use and ecosystem disruption. It is designed for long-term use in utility applications such as renewable energy integration, peak demand management, and capacity support(sources from

"We understand the importance of reducing costs and providing safe, domestic, and reliable energy solutions for business operations — that's why we developed ESS solutions with excellent battery technology, meeting performance metrics such as energy density, cycle life, and energy retention," said Zach Ward. "These key attributes make a significant contribution to making the U.S. grid system more resilient."

In this field, optimal battery design is challenging as engineers must make inherent trade-offs between cost and performance. Medcom's use of the 53.5Ah battery minimizes these trade-offs, achieving a balance between high energy density and long cycle life at utility scale.

"Medcom has over 17 years of mature expertise in lithium-ion battery development and manufacturing for the CV industry, providing us with the knowledge to manufacture high-quality products for the energy storage sector, rigorously tested for safety, reliability, and lifespan," said Ward.

The outstanding battery technology powering this energy storage solution addresses some of the most urgent challenges facing the sustainable energy industry today. This innovative energy storage system provides an unparalleled 4.3MWh energy density in a compact 20-foot container, setting new standards in performance, safety, and efficiency.

"Our vision has always been to create advanced battery solutions and services that contribute to reducing dependence on fossil fuels, assisting in decarbonization, and helping mitigate climate change," said Yang Wu. "As the transition to renewable energy accelerates, adopting such technological advancements is crucial to ensuring our planet has a more sustainable, secure, and resilient future. We will continue to do our part and strive relentlessly towards these goals."

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