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What is the Best Mattress for Side Sleepers?

Mattress for Side Sleepers

It might be hard to fathom, but there was a time in the world where people used to sleep on the hard, cold ground, with no sort of cushioning at all. Of course, in the modern age, there are hundreds of different types of mattresses, from air and adjustable to memory foam and gel, and everything in between. This means that we no longer have to worry about restless nights or waking up with aches and pains. With the right mattress, you can sleep like a baby and in luxurious comfort.

There is one group of people, however, who typically have a much tougher time finding the right sort of mattress: Side sleepers! People who sleep on their side require a little more out of their mattress than others, as the only way they typically fall asleep is to find a comfortable position lying on their arm and hip, and so they need a little more comfort and support.

Rather than telling side sleepers which model to get, we understand that people have a range of different needs in terms of sizes, and especially pricing options. So, instead, we’ll just speak about the sort of qualities you want in a great mattress from a good mattress store.

Mattress for Side Sleepers

5 Things That Make the Ideal Mattress for Side Sleepers

1: Provides Support
The first thing you want is a mattress that provides ample support. Look for a mattress type that supports a lot more than your weight. This is the best way to ensure that the mattress you’re selecting has enough support to hold up to your sleeping habits. You won’t sleep well if your hip is sinking into the mattress and throwing you out of alignment, so seek out support.

2: Has a Cooling Layer
Another thing you want is a cooling layer. Since side sleepers are typically sticking to one spot while they fall asleep, and often stay in that spot, things can get hot and sweaty there. You’re not tossing and flipping those pillows around like back and stomach sleepers, so what you want from a mattress store is something that has a cooling layer so the cooler air circulates around your body while you’re in that fixed position.

3: Has Little Motion Transfer
Motion transfer is a big deal for side sleepers. The slightest movement, like coughing in your sleep or any sort of leg movement, can knock a side sleeper out of position if the entire mattress reverberates every time they move. So what you’re after here is something where movement is contained to one spot and doesn’t ripple out throughout the mattress like a pebble in a pond.

4: Cushioned Comfort
What you also want is a thick, comfortable layer of cushioning. The reason you want to pick up a mattress with added levels of topical comfort is that side sleepers are digging their hips and shoulders directly into the mattress. With an inferior mattress without that extra comfort, you could wake up with points of contact that ache due to remaining fixed in that position. You want to cushion the blow, quite literally, by selecting an option that provides extra cushioning.

5: Compression Over Coils
While there are a ton of different mattresses that are impeccable that feature coils, you should understand that side sleeping imprints on a mattress much more so than regular sleeping. People who fall asleep on their backs or stomachs often wake up in a separate position, which means they’re tossing and turning, moving around. Side sleepers typically stay in one spot. Coil mattresses, also known as innerspring options, can imprint and create a body-sized impression after a while, which will make it uncomfortable for you to sleep. Mattresses with thicker layers of memory foam, or another type of support system, work better than coil mattresses for side sleepers.

The reason we cannot flatly give you a model, make and brand is that you never know what you’ll find and what you’ll be able to afford. Instead, seek out these qualities in any sort of mattress, of any size, and you’ll find that you’ll rest much more soundly as a side sleeper.

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