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5 Types of Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain

The world of general health and wellness splits down the middle when it comes to naturopathic remedies applied at wellness centers. Modern doctors who practice western-style medicine claim that these methods are not reliable. In contrast, practitioners of naturopathy claim that their techniques have thousands upon thousands of years of evidence of their effectiveness. This is why millions of people out there are looking at more Eastern-style naturopathic remedies when it comes to conditions like chronic pain.

Taking opiates for these painful conditions can lead to dependency and a laundry list of adverse side effects that make people look and feel a lot worse, all for the sake of relieving pain. However, many swear by the effectiveness of massage therapy techniques to relieve their chronic pain in a safe, natural way. Here are five of the most popular types of massages that people receive at wellness centers for their chronic pain issues.

5 Popular Massage Styles for Pain

1: Swedish Massage

Perhaps one of the most popular types of treatments in the world, the Swedish massage is safe, relaxing, invigorating, and most of all very effective at dealing with chronic pain issues that are brought on by inflammation in the body. The Swedish massage is long, slow and relaxing, with warm, gentle strokes along the body’s muscle groups to really relax the entire body so that it can heal itself of that inflammation-causing chronic pain. One can also opt for erotic massage for relaxation.

2: Hot Stone Massage

There’s nothing quite like heat to relax aching muscles and to relieve chronic pain. With things sold like heating pads and chemical sprays that artificially cause heat, people spend billions of dollars a year on these heat remedies. With hot stone massage therapy, expert wellness practitioners lay heated stones on strategic parts of the body, which work by relaxing the muscles and greatly reducing inflammation and thus reducing pain. It also promotes better blood circulation, which is good for diabetes, heart disease, and even digestion issues.

3: Thai Massage

A Thai massage is the polar opposite of a Swedish massage in many ways. Instead of warm, slow and relaxing, a Thai massage is very energetic. Massage practitioners really forcefully dig into the muscles, kneading and working the tension away from the muscles by applying tension to them. It’s a very rigorous sort of massage that works via its energetic application to strategic muscle groups. It’s been used in Thailand to great effectiveness for centuries.

4: Deep Tissue Massage

A deep tissue massage is sort of like a combination of a Thai and Swedish massage. Practitioners of a deep tissue massage will work deeply into the muscle groups, helping to relieve tension and inflammation. This is done by kneading away the hard knots and the adhesions within them, which results in a much more relaxed muscle. This allows for a reduction in inflammation and, ultimately, a decrease in pain. Of all the different types of massages listed here, a deep tissue massage is the most relaxing. It’s so relaxing, in fact, some people just lie there for hours and relax after the massage is complete.

5: Shiatsu Massage

The Shiatsu massage has the distinction of being the most commercial of these naturopathic massages. It’s so popular in a commercial sense, in fact, that there are Shiatsu massage chairs you can purchase. Though there’s nothing quite like the real thing; a chair just cannot compare. This massage is like acupuncture in its effectiveness. The practitioner will press with their fingers deeply into a variety of strategic points along the body’s muscle groups. This finger pressure is great at relieving pain and inflammation in the body. It’s probably the best of the massages listed here to help ease the swelling of inflamed joints.

At a qualified wellness center near you, these types of massages and more should be readily available for you to enjoy. Just keep in mind that the wellness center you end up selecting is the most important thing on which to focus. If you pick the right location, you can be sure that the massage you choose will relieve pain.

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