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7 Ways to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle in College

7 Ways to Kickstart a Healthy Lifestyle in College

By Marquis

Surviving college means you have lots of things to explore and handle all on your own. Because of this, taking care of your health might become less of your concern. With so many things to spend your time and energy on, it is not wise to simply disregard your body. To be able to maximize your college experience, you will need to condition your body and keep it fit. So if you’re thinking about starting a healthier lifestyle, you might want to stick to the following tips...

Eat Meals with Vegetables and Fiber

It’s so easy to just order pizza or grab a burger from fast food restaurants nearby. But if you really want to feel healthier, you might wanna start with the food you eat. Choosing meals packed with veggies and fiber can aid in your digestion and help improve your metabolism. Plus, you get to load up on some much-needed micronutrients from all the veggies you eat. So next time, if you’re thinking about grabbing food, you might wanna think about eating fruits or vegetable salads instead.

Always Have Healthy Snacks Handy

The best way to avoid eating unhealthy food is to always have healthy ones available at all times. This way, anytime you feel like munching on something, you already have snacks available and you won’t have to go anywhere else. It’s a good idea to fill your fridge and pantry with fruits and vegetables, mixed nuts, cereals, yogurt, and other similarly healthy and filling snacks.

As Much as Possible, Hydrate with Water

Water plays a very important role in our body. With a large percentage of our body made up of water, it is important that we hydrate and rehydrate as much as possible, especially if you engage in some strenuous activities that may cause you to lose water by sweating. Keep water handy at all times and make it a constant practice to always sip water any chance you get, especially when feeling thirsty.

Cut Down on Sweet Drinks

If you think that juiced, frappes, shakes and other drinks can replace a tall glass of water, you’d better think again. Sugary drinks might seem harmless considering that they do have water in them, but they actually are not healthy, especially if you drink them a lot. A glass of juice or a shake can contain about 200 to 300 calories. And if you think hitting the milkshake bar everyday is okay, just think of the calories you are getting from each glass of your cold, sweet drink. Want less calories in your diet? You might as well just drink water.

Follow an Exercise Routine

Once in college, you will surely be more focused on lots of studying and some socializing on the side. This means you won’t get to move or exercise a lot. To keep your body constantly active, you might want to stick to an exercise routine. Plus, it can also be a good way of meeting new people and learning new things.

Find a Buddy to Workout With

Once you have chosen an exercise activity to get involved in, you might wanna make it a more interesting activity by having an exercise buddy to workout with. This way, you have someone to keep track of your progress with and enjoy getting fit with.

Get Lots of Rest and Sleep Times

After a long day of studying, socializing and exercising, you deserve a break. You might think that after a long day at school, you deserve to go out and hang out with your friends at night. But this can just be counterproductive. If you don’t get enough rest, you wake up feeling cranky and less energetic. So to help you get a good start for the next morning, make sure to get at least 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep daily to get that extra energy boost you’ll need for the next day.

Switching to a healthier lifestyle during college will not be an easy, overnight change. You’re going to need constant practice and a lot of discipline to follow through on what you have started. But if you keep going and totally turned over a new leaf, you will discover that it’s definitely worth the change.

Author Bio: Marquis is as free as the statue of liberty. She is now a part-time writer who loves to write an article based on surviving college and a professional blogger whose work revolves around blogging, managing websites, web content and social media.

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