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Marijuana and Airports: Every Question Answered

When we travel, we tend to purchase a few items here and there. Souvenirs for family and friends, this thing that you were checking out for a long time, and if you are a part of the stoner percentage of society then you might have bought some of the best cannabis seeds you could find or some smoking paraphernalia.

The thing is, when you were out wandering around his foreign city or town, and you decided to get that stylish grinder and those seeds, you were most likely not thinking about one little detail: the airport. And then you find yourself packing your luggage and wondering what you should do with these items. Is it okay to carry cannabis seeds in your luggage? What about smoking paraphernalia? And weed?

Well, let’s go step by step. First, when you’re thinking about carrying some marijuana on you while you travel by plane, allow us to tell you that this is a bad idea. Cannabis is considered a drug, even more if you find yourself in an airport. Therefore, unless you want to be considered a drug dealer and get yourself into deep trouble, we would suggest you abstain from taking some weed on you on the plane. However, this doesn't mean you should get all paranoid about some small leftovers on your grinder. The truth is, we’ve all heard stories of friends who brought a teeny tiny weed bud by plane inside their grinder (or even tried the buds ourselves) but we wouldn't throw you into the fire. Could you bring a small bud from your trip? Maybe, but we don’t encourage it.

Okay, so trafficking weed not, but what about paraphernalia? When it comes to paraphernalia, there shouldn't be anything to worry about, as long as there is no marijuana inside them, they can be considered as normal everyday objects in the airport’s eyes. Although a bong could be screaming that you’re a cannabis user, in the airport’s point of view, you might be using it for tobacco, right, or that’s what you will answer gladly. To make sure your new objects are safe, you should place these items inside your checked baggage.

Lastly, what happens with cannabis seeds and airports? Well, while this depends strongly on the countries you're traveling from and to, normally you should be able to carry your new and most likely expensive cannabis seeds anywhere with you. Now, this doesn’t mean you can go ahead and traffick one hundred cannabis seeds, you will, in fact, arise some suspicions and could risk losing all your seeds, and money. You could make people at the airport think that you are handling these seeds for commercial purposes and there’s lots of paperwork involved in doing so, so best to avoid this. To successfully carry your cannabis seeds on the plane, some people take them out of their package and set them inside the checked luggage. However, this isn't the smartest thing to do since seeds come in specific packages made for keeping them in their optimal conditions, away from any possible contaminations. As from my personal experience, I can recommend setting the full packages inside your suitcase, between your clothes and socks and nothing will happen. Yet keep in mind you should check the countries you’re traveling through guidelines on this matter.

So now that you know you won’t likely have trouble by carrying weed paraphernalia or seeds with you, feel free to buy grinders, bongs, pipes, or autoflowering seeds from Fast Buds for instance. Just make sure you don’t break any laws while you're at it.

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