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Managing Stress During a Career Change

Managing stress during a career change in a living room

Sometimes, we get overwhelmed with our current jobs. Other times, we want something better. And sometimes, we have no other choice so now is the time to quit and move on. Whatever the case is, embarking on a different career path is among the most stressful life events. Thankfully, there are ways of managing stress during a career change, and all of them come from the right mindset. So, don't be afraid, and learn how to accept the change!

It is ok to be stressed out

Don't scold yourself for being stressed out. It is perfectly normal to feel like that when we are changing our careers. After all, we have invested countless hours and sleepless nights into our jobs, only to change them. And there is also the feeling of helplessness due to starting from the beginning again.

Feeling stressed out

It is perfectly ok to feel stressed out!

However, this is exactly where stress comes from. Thinking that we have to prove ourselves at the new workplace can stress us out. But, you have to keep in mind that all new beginnings are painful. Still, they are important and exciting.

This brings us to the next part of our article.

All beginnings are painful

This is usually what stresses out people the most when it comes to a career change. We, humans, are naturally fearful of all the things that are unknown to us.

You may find yourself asking questions: How am I going to fit in a new workplace? How am I going to do my job? Am I going to make any new friends? Am I going to survive? Or will I fail?

As we have already mentioned, it is ok to feel this way. However, don't let fear overwhelm you. Fear is the biggest enemy of ambition and success.

Just look around yourself and see how many people with great potentials achieved very little due to fear. It is ok to feel fear, but you have to be courageous too!

Moving to a new location can be exciting

Yes, we know that you are in a comfort zone at your current location. And yes, we know that you have settled down, and moving to a new place is time-consuming, challenging, and stressful.

However, moving to a new location can restart your outlook on life. If your new career requires you to change your location - accept it! By moving to a new place, you'll find yourself surrounded by new people, new stories, new wisdom. Take it all in and appreciate it!

Traveling without moving

Moving to another location is one of the best ways to manage stress during a career change.

Sure, you will have to pack your entire life and set sail into the unknown. So, a change in mindset will be necessary. But, if you want to pack with ease and in no time, changing a perspective is not enough, even though it is the most critical aspect of every activity. There is no need to pack everything on your own and move on your own, especially not now, when you are in the midst of a significant change. It will only make you stressed out even more. So, just call a guy!

Meditate as a way of managing stress during a career change

By meditation, we don't only mean the act of spiritual meditation. What we mean is that you have to look inwards and know yourself.

Getting to know yourself is one of the hardest and the most important things you can do. By meditating on your life choices, you'll get to know yourself. Just be careful, as this can cause a lot of stress. Look at your life choices and don't let them bother you. This is the only way to truly get to the root of your anxiety. Just observe what you have done in life, and don't let it touch you. There is nothing you can do to change it, as it is a part of the past. And we guess that you don't have a time machine.

You now have to focus on the present and the future. Also, know that you cannot affect the future much. Life is pretty random, and us trying to control it causes a lot of stress.

The only thing you can focus on is present. Be present at all times, and be aware of yourself, your surroundings, and your inner state. This is the only true way to avoid stress and find inner peace. Stress comes from the worry of past and future, and there is no reason to indulge in them. Love yourself, and appreciate your life choices. Amor fati!

Follow the natural flow of things

The best way to be in tune with yourself and with the nature that surrounds you is to follow the flow of nature. By rising with the sun and going to bed when the sun goes down, you'll be in tune with nature.

Irrelevant of whether you believe in Dao, it can be said that Daoist masters knew how to handle the stress that penetrates our souls. Their solution was to follow and accept the natural course of things. Of course, that doesn't mean that you have to be in nature 24/7 but accept things as they are.

Things are exactly where they should be. Otherwise, things would be different. Learn to accept things as they are, and you'll get rid of stress. Everything is natural, even your career change.

Sailing on a river, symbolizing managing stress during a career change

There is no reason to sail upstream. The same is true for managing stress during a career change. Go forward!

Let's frame the question like this: Is it easier to sail down the river and move a little bit to the left or right, or is it easier to sail up the stream? People who sail upstream only lose energy and time trying to get back to their old position. And this is the cause of stress.

See, managing stress during a career change shouldn't be that hard. You only have to learn to accept the way things are, which is the most challenging part! But with practice, it gets easier. And we wish you luck on your path to change acceptance!

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