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Alzheimer’s is not like any other condition that hits you all of a sudden. It is a progressive disease that erodes important mental functions and most of all memories- the precious things that make being human worthwhile. In this condition, the brain cells begin to degenerate and die. What starts as negligence and forgetfulness gradually develops into memory loss and confusion. Although there are no permanent cures available for Alzheimer’s medication and management of the condition promises to improve the overall quality of life of a patient. In case the patient lives with a nuclear family, hire a Home Aide Agency in Broward to help with the daily tasks as assistance becomes necessary in some cases. In case there are family members that can support their daily life activities, a comprehensive assessment by such agencies as the Health Care of South Florida in Broward can make the families better equipped to deal with the situation.

Dealing with changes and accepting them as a part of your life

Change is not easy - as humans we come to realize this by the time we reach the senior age. In order to deal with a lot less stress, therefore, we need to accept the condition as a part of our lives that is not going to go away. The tasks that were once easy such as remembering birthdays or bank account details now seem to be increasingly difficult to execute. We should not let all this bog us down. Instead, priding ourselves in our littlest accomplishments such as managing our money will help us get a hold on the condition. And this change cannot be brought up without a change in perspective and accepting this condition. It is important to remain engaged and active and accept challenges that will maximize the control you have over your life.

Crafting a coping mechanism

A Coping Mechanism is necessary in the sense that it will give you an actionable set of steps that you can execute at the time of need instead of getting overwhelmed and letting the condition take you for a ride. A coping strategy is something that works for you and is perfected by you because it is only you who knows how to get the better of a situation. Here are some simple steps that you can follow:

  1. Make a list of all the activities you find challenging

There are some tasks that you find relatively more difficult than others. Say for instance forgetting to do your accounts, your laundry or getting groceries. Focus on creating reminders for them. Some people manage this by creating a daily/weekly/ monthly schedule and plan out the month in advance. In case you have forgotten to do a task do not be hard on yourself, instead actively seek out help from family members or a home health aide if you have one. Generally, every Home Health Aide Agency Broward designates such tasks to your aide so as to lighten your work pile.

  1. Make a list of three or four priority tasks each day and focus on executing them

However long a pile of work you have, be reasonable with yourself and only aim at executing three or four priority tasks each day. As mentioned earlier, seek help from family in tasks that require precision such as accounting or business.

  1. Simplify your tasks to a bare minimum

Instead of cooking a 4 course meal, settle for a hot pot- that’s not only nutritious but also allows for quicker and simpler preparation. Similarly you can bunch together similar tasks like laundry and house cleaning together to simplify what you do with your time.

Simple steps such as moving your shampoo bottles from one side to the other after you are done washing your hair will make you recall the action later. Living with Alzheimer’s is not easy but with these simple steps and some help in good faith can make it more manageable.

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