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How to Make Your Own Vape Juice?

Please be advised, if you are below the age of 18, this is not for you to read, but if above, you are at the right place. Everyone has their preference for the kind of vape they wish to smoke or how much nicotine they want to consume. Are you adherent to high nicotine smoking from vape Pods like the uwell Caliburn Koko Prime, or do you prefer Freebase smoking from vapes like the Drag X or the Vaporesso Luxe PM 40, which has a lower nicotine consumption from 3mg to 6mg.

Everyone has their taste; one individual, let that be Mr X loves the 35mg Salt Nic Berry Bomb flavour for his Smok Novo 4, and Mr Z prefers Strawberry Kiwi from Pop Vapors for his Geek Vape. Evape smokers need to visit a vape shop around the corner every two weeks or a month and pay around 20 to 40 dollars to purchase a vape Australia situated, the USA, or Canada.

Vape Juice

What If You Save and Start at Home?

Does that option even exist, you all may be asking, and yes, it does! With the internet around and just a bit of common sense, you can achieve almost anything. How about you save all that time and learn to make your vape juice at home, discovering flavours that aren't even there on the market!

For Your Knowledge and Discretion

Nicotine is a chemical used in cigarettes, and it is a considerable component in vape juice itself. Also, as you all have heard, nicotine is a very highly addictive chemical, so you use it carefully and keep it away from children.

How To Prepare your own EVape Juice?

Vape Juice

When you initiate making your vape juice, it will obviously at you're home. Which is not only is it less expensive than buying retail, but it also gives you access to an almost endless variety of flavour combinations that you won't find in stores. Let's divide the process into three parts; Ingredient And Supplies, Weighing ProportionsAnd Mixing, and then the After Mixing Process

Ingredients & Supplies

  • Vegetable Glycerin (VG): A thick fluid found in food and pharmaceutical products that produces the vape's cloud smoke.
  • Diluted Nicotine: The diluted element comes from the base; the PG and VG balance out the flavour and nicotine level.
  • Propylene Glycerin (PG): Used to create a heavier "cloud" and make the flavour prominent.
  • Nicotine Salt: the PG and VG extract suspends this nicotine which creates a hit and a buzz for the smoker to enjoy making a sensation of smoothness and roughness.
  • Flavour Concentrate: an extract from the consumable product (fruits, candies, or other eatables) you prefer which flavours the juice overall.
  • Bottles: 20ml, 50ml and 60ml to contain the E Vape juice
  • Gloves: to avoid getting nicotine skin as it is a very harmful product
  • Syringes: Needed for the mixing and transferring of the fluids

Weighing Proportions and Mixing

Before you start with the mixing process, it is essential to measure the chemicals or fluids you are using for the mixing process. To calculate the chemicals into proportions, you can use a DIY Calculator to use nicotine and the PG/VG in the proper proportionate ratios.

The PG to VG ratio is one of the most critical elements in the process. The ratio itself indicates what percentage of the overall volume of the bottle is taken up by PG and VG. The balance can be used to 70/30 or 50/50; it all depends on your taste or preference, but using the Vape juice calculator will calculate the proportion of what you have to mix. To give you an idea of these blends, a 30 per cent PG to 70 per cent VG ratio provides a thicker juice with thicker clouds, whereas a 70 percent PG to 30 percent VG ratio produces a thinner fluid with less cloud creation. For higher-powered devices, a 30 percent PG-70 percent VG ratio is recommended, and for lower-wattage pen-style e-cigarettes, a 50/50 ratio.

Through the help of the calculator, you will know the right amount of chemicals you have to add to create your desired vape juice.

Vape Juice

After Mixing Process

Right after the mixing process is done and you have filled the bottle with newly made vape juice, it is important to label the bottle with the flavor name, ratio of the chemicals used, and strength. Right after that, the "steeping" or "breathing process" takes place where it is important to rest the fluid with the nipple/cap open to free the alcohol. Lastly, keep your E juice in a cool and relaxed environment, and when ready…...


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