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Makeup Tutorial For Older Women - Full Guide

Is your age more than 45 years and you want to make yourself look attractive and beautiful just like the young ladies? Then here is the complete makeup tutorial for older women. With the help of this tutorial, you can make your face attractive and pretty. So, without wasting much time let’s start with the tutorial.

Wash your face

First thing you have to do is face wash, you need to wash your face with the face wash according to your skin. For example, if your skin is dry then you should wash your face 10 minutes earlier before starting the actual makeup, it will help you to bring softness and moisturization on your face naturally. But, if your skin is oily then it is recommended to wash it 5 minutes earlier before the makeup, it will help you to balance your skin during makeup. 

Moisturize your skin

After washing your face the first step is moisturizing your skin with the help of moisturizer. A good moisturizer will help you to soften your skin. Soft skin allows you to apply makeup easily and conveniently. After using moisturizer, it is recommended to use face serum as it helps you to reduce wrinkles. 

Warm up your skin

After moisturizing your face, you should use primer to cover the open pores of the skin. Moreover, it will also smooth your skin and make it flawless. 

Balance the color of your skin

You should use pro concealer on the dark spots to balance your skin color. It also works as a color corrector. It will help you apply base on your face perfectly. 

Apply Base or Foundation

After color balancing, the next step you need to do is make the base according to your skin tone and apply it. While choosing the base then you can follow the steps given below. 

  • Choose a pinkish tone of the base if your skin color is pale or yellowish.
  • Choose the beige tone if your skin tone is reddish or pinkish.
  • Choose the dark base if your skin tone is dark.
  • Choose the ivory shade if your skin tone is bright.

After choosing the tone of the base, apply it in the dotted form with the help of your fingers and after that blend it with a sponge or chubby brush. 

Shape eyebrows

The next thing you have to do is to shape your eyebrows with the help of an eyebrow pellet. Always pick the color according to your eyebrows. And lift up your brows according to your face. 

Blush your cheeks

After completing the eye makeup, blush your cheeks with pink or peach color. Apply the pink color with the help of face brush.

Contour your cheeks and nose

Now, contour your cheeks and nose with a contour stick or contour color. It is recommended to choose the color according to the foundation tone.

Apply lipstick

While choosing the lipstick color, it is recommended to use nude shades such as peach, light pink, rich brown, and so on. 


In this post, we have discussed about the complete simple makeup for old women. In addition, I’ve also shared some tips while choosing the colors of your makeup as well.

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