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7 Major Hemp Uses You May Not Know About


With hemp production now legal in 46 states, what was once as a controlled substance is now a cash cow for hemp farmers across the country. The 2014 Farm Bill defines hemp as any Cannabis Sativa plant with a THC content of less than 0.3% THC concentration on a dry weight basis.

For most people, hemp is the plant used to make rolling paper for tobacco or another possibly illegal substance. However, you’d be surprised how versatile this modest plant from the cannabis family could be.

Here are a few hemp uses that you should know about...

1. Fiber

Manufacturers used hemp for making fibers and textiles. Long before cotton became the king of the textiles, hemp ruled the textile industry. Even now, the debate between hemp vs. cotton for fibers still rages on in some places.

The fibrous stalks of hemp make it great for weaving into cloths and creating textiles. Hemp can grow up to 15 ft tall, which means there’s a lot of fiber that you can get from a single hemp plant.

The prohibition of hemp back in 1920, saw the surge of cotton as the preferred fiber crop. However, with the environmental benefits of hemp clothing and the current green wave, don’t be surprised if hemp clothing makes a comeback soon.

2. Plastic

Yes, you read correctly, hemp is a key ingredient in the manufacture of certain types of plastics. Plastics made from hemp fall into a special category of plastics called bioplastics. Bioplastics are a great alternative to conventional plastics because they’re partially or completely biodegradable.

Plastic from hemp is just as pliable, lightweight, and abundant as any petrol-based plastic. However, unlike petrol-based plastics, plastic from hemp is biodegradable. By the look of things, hemp plastic could be the number one material of the future.

Research is still ongoing to determine whether hemp bioplastic is fit for widespread use on a global level. One sure thing, however, is that hemp plastic is way better than conventional petroleum-based plastic.

3. Fuel

Hemp makes one heck of biofuel for both basic and industrial use. If the world needs a sustainable and environmentally-friendly fuel solution, then we only have to turn to our hemp fields. Hemp fuel comes from its fibrous stalks that create cellulosic ethanol.

Admittedly, researchers are still yet to determine whether hemp fuel can be a viable alternative to fossil fuel for future use. However, as far as science is concerned, everything is a go.

4. Milk

These days most people have ditched traditional cow’s milk for the more nutritive and environmentally-friendlier plants’ milk. You’ve maybe heard of soy and almond milk, but have you heard of hemp milk?

Hemp milk is becoming a favorite among folks who prefer plants’ milk.

To obtain hemp milk, you first blend the hemp seeds with warm water until it achieves a smooth consistency. You then strain the resulting mixture to obtain the hemp milk. People say that hemp milk has a nutty taste with a hint of creaminess and a lovely aftertaste.

Only the best seeds can give you the tasty milk that’s deserving of your palette.

If you’re lactose intolerant or prefer plants’ milk, then a cup of fresh hemp milk is just what the doctor ordered. Also, don’t worry; there’s no way hemp milk can get you high, even if you want it to.

5. Pet Bedding and Food

Hemp also has a little something for pet lovers and their furry friends. Hemp-based pet treats are a hit for both pet owners and the pets themselves. If you need to keep your pets in good health, look no further than hemp-based treats. Click here to learn more.

If your pet is under a carnivorous diet, then you can get them some hemp bedding instead. As mentioned earlier, hemp produces some pretty great textiles that make great beds for your pet. You can also get a hemp chew toy for your pet to gnaw on every once in a while.

6. Soil Cleanser

Hemp can extract vital minerals like nickel, cadmium, and lead from the soil. That’s why it can survive the hardest conditions for a long time. This unique attribute of hemp gives it an application that no one would have ever guessed.

In some places, hemp is used to clean up toxins and pollutants from the soil. Hemp can be used to revitalize wasteland for agronomic purposes and, by extension, reduce deforestation.

7. Food

Hemp is an incredible food source that’s wholesome and also delicious. Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to see hemp seeds feature in some of your favorite recipes. Hemp seeds or hemp hearts will soon be available at your local convenience store for your culinary needs.

Apart from making treats for your pets, hemp also makes excellent human food. Did you know that hemp seeds contain more natural fat and protein than almond milk? What’s more, it is less calorific than cow’s milk, making it perfect for your weight-loss goals.

Hemp Uses Giving It a Comeback

With so many hemp uses, it’s no wonder there’s so much hype surrounding this “wonder” plant. Keep in mind that hemp is legal in most states. In fact, some states encourage hemp growth for their economic objectives.

We hope a shift in legislation will soon see every state in the country legalizing hemp. While you wait for such legislation, you can check out all the other enticing pieces on the site.

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