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Find Out Whether a Healthy Life
Also Means an Expensive Life!

Isn’t it a strange question to ask? Like, if someone approached you and asked, "Does health have a price?", what would you say? We assume that like us, you would say that health is the most valuable thing we possess, and we should invest whatever it takes to maintain health!

People always discuss the importance of maintaining good health and all the things we need to do to achieve it. Moreover, during the past year, we have seen how fragile it is, especially for people who don’t have what you call healthy life habits.

Many of these people come from, let's say, poorer communities. Knowing that made us wonder how to maintain health and fitness when you don't have a high income! Does it mean that you need to take an online payday loan to provide healthy food for your family? Or does it mean that only rich people can afford to maintain health? So, we decided to talk with nutritionists and financial experts to understand how you can maintain health when you are on a tight budget and what it means.

Maintaining Good Health

Why Is It Important to Maintain Health?

Let’s first talk about why it is important to maintain health! Generally, we would say that the reasons are pretty obvious. If we are healthy, we live longer. Apart from that, we feel better, not just physically but also emotionally and psychologically. Finally, we contribute more to the rest of the world because we take fewer sick days and have more time for all other things that we need or want to do.

How Much It Costs to Maintain Health?

We all know that in theory, right? But the question is, do the majority of us have the budget for it? Is saying that healthy food and everything else is too expensive just an excuse for not living a healthy life? Is it enough that we make an effort? Or the reality is that many of us struggle to figure out how to maintain health and wellness while being on a budget?

Cost of Food

If you live in the countryside, somewhere you are still allowed to grow your food without paying taxes and fees, it is relatively simple. But if you live in an urban area, you know that each time you put something with a healthy tag "eco” in the basket, you nearly have a stroke after hearing the price. The fact is that the more popular healthy food is, the more expensive it gets.

Maintaining Good Health

Exercise & Fitness

As we know, just a healthy diet isn’t enough to maintain health. We also need to exercise! Now, okay, you might say that we don’t have to go to a gym or something like that. Fair enough! We can train at home or in the park. But we still need good sports equipment, clothes, etc. And logically, the more we use them, the more we have to buy! And if we have kids and want them to develop healthy habits early on, the cost goes up.

Healthcare Cost

There are now more people that are demanding free access to healthcare for everyone! But we still didn't come to that point, and we know that healthcare is quite expensive. In many countries, you can still go to a public hospital or a dentist! But if you want real good healthcare, you have to be prepared to pay a lot, especially for dentistry services!


Some people are saying everything is possible if you try hard enough! Of course, it is possible to maintain health even when you are on a budget. As we mentioned, you can exercise at home or in the park instead of going to the gym. You can go to a farmers market to buy food instead of a supermarket. They are likely to find cheaper things. We know that where there is a will, there is a way! But it still doesn't mean that a healthy lifestyle is an affordable one, does it now?

Author’s bio:

Daniel Miller is an inexperienced specialist in the business and financial area. Daniel has also worked as a financial advisor at a bank and provided consulting and advice about budgets, savings, insurance, stocks, retirement funds, tax advice, etc. He is currently doing specific research on the topic.

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