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Features and Health Influence of
Maeng Da White Kratom

Kratom is an ethnic tea, which has a thousand-year history of using. In Asia, it’s mean to increase working capacity, as well as in traditional medicine. Kratom tea is a quality leaf, properly grown, properly harvested and dried, finely ground for greater ease of use.

White Maeng Da Kratom is known to be one of the most powerful varieties available on the market. Its ecological safety is guaranteed because it grows in remote areas of Thailand. After that, it’s sent to the market. This kratom variety is famous because of the highest concentration of alkaloids. Kratom Maeng da white is the best seller. If to speak about the effect of use, it’s also the most powerful. - Free Image Hosting

Kratom is well-known with great achievements. It has a simulative, tonic, relaxing and analgesic effect. Everything depends on the purpose of use and concentration.

Whine vein kratom is used in order to reduce the withdrawal from heavy drugs, no matter do we talk about opiates or stimulants. Instead of such drugs such as methadone, it’s used in some countries.

It doesn’t have an addictive effect id to use it properly. In many cases within a month people who stop taking heavy drugs, and are able to return to normal life. Without own desire, It won’t work, but if to follow the recommendations, it will help to turn to human life. Maeng da white will help to overcome the difficult conditions of withdrawal syndrome like no other Kratom variety.

Kratom creates a more positive mood and helps to cheer up. Some people at once feel better and have a slight sense of euphoria depending on the person or dosage. A positive state of mind no matter how hard are the living conditions are guaranteed. Also, it helps to concentrate and be more productive.

The uniqueness of this plant lies in the fact that it's effects are individual in their actions.

Effects of Thai kratom:

  • as substitution therapy for people who quit alcohol, tobacco, or hard drugs;
  • analgesic effect;
  • anxiety level decrease
  • sedate after psychological trauma;
  • muscles relaxation;
  • metabolism increase;
  • control of blood sugar;
  • antioxidation effect;
  • increase your activity and overall energy potential and tone;
  • natural immune stimulation
  • increase the protective functions of the body;
  • anti-virus, antibacterial protection;
  • treatment of sexual dysfunctions, activation of libido in men and women;
  • antiparasitic protection of the body;
  • as a choleretic agent;
  • antidiarrheal agent.

Traditional use: 1/4 or 1/3 teaspoons 1 time per day, brewed as a tea. Exceeding this dosage is not recommended. Driving vehicles and mechanical vehicles are not recommended.

White Kratom tea is not a cure! Not recommended for use with medication. Talk to your doctor before use.

The action of Kratom depends on the method and the amount of its application. Consider the most common uses and effects that can be achieved.

In its natural form:

Usually, in Thailand, kratom leaf is chewed, after removing the main, central vein. To avoid constipation, add salt to the leaves. You can also chew dry leaves, but since they are very hard, they are crushed into powder. The very use of leaves in food is traditionally accompanied by washing them with something hot, for example, coffee or water.


You can make a kind of extract if you boil the leaves in water, evaporate the liquid and collect the remaining pasty sediment. Such a tool can be stored for a long time for later use. Small balls from this paste are allowed to be swallowed or brewed in the form of tea. Sometimes people add regular tea, sugar or honey there.

Tea: - Free Image Hosting

In order to take this drink, the leaves must be placed into the water and boiled for 15 minutes over low heat. The next action is to drain and pour in fresh water. These actions must be repeated 2-3 times. Then tea is placed into a container and boiled until the decrease of volume. Kratom tea can be combined with black or green tea. Some prefer to add honey or sugar.

The peculiarity of this unusual plant is that a small dose usually acts as a stimulant and a large dose as a relaxant. Active alkaloids in the leaf have a stimulating and relaxing effect. As a result, most of those who follow the instruction and don’t use tea too often, have only a positive influence on their health.

In the store nowadays it’s possible to buy kratom powder. In this variant, it’s recommended to mix it with fruit puree, fresh juice or yogurt for better effect.

In common Kratom is a natural herbal tea, but it can’t be evaluated as medicine.

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