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What to Do on Your Lunch Break
When You Work Remotely

Working from home has its own set of challenges and advantages. But, the main perk is that you have more control over your schedule. However, for many people working from home means that they don’t use their breaks wisely; they tend to spend too much time scrolling on their phones, or they work during their lunch break. So, if you wean to make most of your lunch break at work, you will find five great ideas that you can try out today. 

Have Fun

When you need a break from your tasks at work, you can have fun by playing games. Whether you pick a fun mobile game or challenging brain-training game, make sure it’s completely unrelated to your main task. It will give your brain a much-needed break and time to generate new ideas. 

Another option is to try games of chance and betting. Actually, there are many betting sites where you can place your bets on sporting events from your smartphone. So, you can have fun from your couch. The best part is that there are many offers and bonuses for new members. Also, sports bonuses in Finnish are called vedonlyöntibonukset. Either way, pick something that is fun for you, and it’s not related to your work.


If you’re all alone in your home office, it can get lonely and repetitive as you work completely alone. You might miss interacting with other people, talking with your co-workers, and socializing. If you want to change up your daily routine, you can schedule a video-call with your best-friend on your lunch break or have a virtual coffee with your colleges.

We don’t recommend spending your entire break on social media sites because you will feel much better when you talk to a person you enjoy spending time with. If you decide to have a virtual lunch break with your colleagues, it is also a great way to share ideas about different tasks and just catch up.

Take a Short Walk

When you work from home, the boundaries between your personal and professional life overlap, and you might end up working more than you would normally in an office. This means that you also might spend a lot of time sitting or lying on your couch, slouched over your laptop. Hence, it’s a very good idea to take a short walk and go outside for your lunch break. 

If you have a longer lunch break, you can go to the park or take a short walk around your neighborhood. It will make a great difference to your performance because being in nature increases your energy and uplifts your mood. Hence, there are a lot of benefits that should motivate you to get up and go outside during your break. You might invite a friend that’s also working from home and go for a walk tougher.

Listen to Music

A lot of people underestimate how music can affect their overall mood and performance at work; this is why we recommend picking a playlist that suits your preferences and helps you feel more focused or helps you unwind, for example. 

Although you might prefer to listen to music while you work, some people need to be fully focused on their tasks because it’s simply too distracting for them to listen to music. So, you can have a short dance party with a fun playlist of songs or listen to soothing music if you feel stressed about your work. Make some time to get up and move while you listen to your favorite songs. 

Do Some Stretches

When you are glued to a screen for a long time, you might feel stiff and experience back or neck pain because you are home most of the day. If you were going to work, you would likely have to walk, catch a bus, and get more exercise during the day. But, when you’re working from home, that’s not the case. 

 So, use your break to do some light exercises and stretches. It is also recommended to get up from your chair every 30 minutes, so you have time to try different desk stretches. There are many videos and apps that feature short workout routines that you can try during your break. Actually, there are some exercises that last 10- 15 minutes, so it’s definitely doable. 

Final Thoughts

Your break is important, and what you decide to do during your break is entirely up to you. Of course, there are days where you might actually need to be productive during your break or finish some chores, but make sure to make time for activities that lift your mood and give you time to pause and unwind. It will certainly make a difference in your performance at work

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