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Potentiation : A New Lease on Life

By Sol Luckman

In 1998 after three years suffering from a mysterious chronic illness, I celebrated my thirtieth birthday by compiling a list of my thirty or so terrifying symptoms. I saved it as a memento in the event I ever found a cure for the elusive disease that had debilitated me.

The list included asthmatic chest tightness; acute chemical sensitivities; severe food allergies; Candida overgrowth; migraines and "brain fog"; fatigue and insomnia; migratory toothache and backache; muscle twitching and tremors all of which combined to produce such emotionally devastating intangibles as hopelessness and desperation.

By the time I got around to making my list, I'd already undergone dozens of "negative" medical tests. Despite an inexplicably low white blood cell count, I apparently didn't have AIDS or leukemia. Despite my frightening neurological sensations, doctors scoffed at the idea I was suffering from MS or Parkinson's.

The only diagnosis I received was as meaningless as it was frustrating: depression. Naturally, I was becoming depressed. But I knew depression was the result not the cause of whatever was degenerating my once athletic body.

Having exhausted my allopathic options, I embarked on a bewildering odyssey into the world of alternative therapies. Suspecting heavy metals, I had my amalgam fillings replaced with nonmetallic materials. I followed this protocol with twenty-eight DMPS intravenous chelation treatments in an attempt to remove toxic mercury from my tissues, while supplementing with vitamin and DMSA oral chelation.

This procedure produced only temporary results. Meanwhile, I took handfuls of nearly every supplement on the market to halt my deterioration. I experimented with ozone and infrared saunas. I tried reiki, acupuncture, homeopathy, biofeedback, magnets, "zappers." I underwent NAET, BioSET, EMDR, hypnosis, meditation, psychic surgery. I tried practically everything and spent thousands, but after nearly six years, I was sicker than ever and getting worse.

The word "inspiration" best conveys the intuitive process I began in 2002 that led me to consider the radical notion that if I could somehow "reset" myself at the genetic level, all my bizarre symptoms would eventually go away. I found myself on this path after reading a disturbing book by Harvard-trained Leonard Horowitz entitled "Emerging Viruses." Basing his claims on meticulous research, Dr. Horowitz persuasively argues that vaccines are the real cause of a variety of autoimmune diseases, including AIDS.

This may strike anyone who believes vaccines are safe and effective as unbelievable. But after a year spent testing Horowitz's ideas at the energetic level using kinesiology (muscle testing), I concluded belief isn't required for immune-wrecking retroviruses to penetrate the bloodstream via "immunizations" and alter one's genetic code, potentially sabotaging health under a myriad of creative diagnoses such as "Fibromyalgia," "Chronic Fatigue" and "Multiple Chemical Sensitivities." Even the medical establishment recently linked certain vaccines to autism.

At this point I was fortunate to stumble on another book that forever changed the way I viewed medicine: "The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge," by French anthropologist Jeremy Narby. Dr. Narby spent years studying the seemingly miraculous healing techniques of Amazonian shamans, who apparently cure people using sound to stimulate a self-healing potential in human DNA.

Intrigued enough to delve into this subject, I learned that the power of sound to activate DNA had recently been documented by the Gariaev group, a Russian team that brought together geneticists and linguists. One revolutionary implication of their research is that to activate DNA, one can simply use words. While Western researchers cut and splice genes, the Russian team created devices capable of noninvasively repairing damaged chromosomes by simply applying vibration and language (i.e., words) to DNA.

When it became apparent my illness resulted from a series of Hepatitis and Yellow Fever vaccines I'd received in 1995, I realized the only way I would ever get well was to activate my DNA's own self-healing potential. I also knew this could only be accomplished by using sound. I theorized that the correct combination of sounds, intentionally geared to the body's electromagnetics, could erase vaccination damage and reset the human bioenergy field.

With the assistance of my partner Leigh, I set out to prove this theory, believing if I could heal myself, I could help others. Our research took us to South America, where we succeeded in developing a technique for DNA activation and electromagnetic repatterning we called Potentiation.

Two years later, having "potentiated" ourselves and hundreds more, Leigh's asthma and allergies to pollen and cats have completely disappeared, and I'm visibly a new man. I can swim a mile and a half. I can eat and drink whatever I please. Smoke and perfume no longer bother me. I sleep well, my pain is gone, joy has replaced my "depression," and the only lists I make these days are of all the exciting things I plan to do with my new lease on life.

Copyright © 2005 Sol Luckman. All Rights Reserved.
Sol Luckman is managing editor of "DNA Monthly" and Co-Founder of the Phoenix Center for Regenetics, offering cutting-edge educational services and materials designed to activate unity consciousness and actualize human potential. The developers of Regenetics are educators and ordained ministers, not medical doctors, and do not pretend to diagnose or treat illness. The preceding article is adapted from a forthcoming book entitled "Conscious Healing with the Regenetics Method." For information visit the site or call (302) 476-2333 and Skype: regenetics.

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