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5 Low-Risk Treatment Options For Epilepsy

Nearly fifty million-plus people worldwide suffer from this chronic neurological condition. Epileptic seizures can get the better of a person at any moment without prior notice.

When the brain cells generate a sudden electrical storm, the body goes through severe convulsions, jerks, and tremors. If not treated properly, the condition worsens only to cause irreparable damage, including death. Scientists and researchers are always on the lookout to find innovative low-risk treatment options for this condition. Many clinical trials have shown that gabapentin and cannabis are two viable options for assisting with epileptic seizures.

Here, let us take a look at five low-risk treatment methods for epilepsy:

  1. Healthy diet - For years now, it is noticed that the ketogenic diet has helped epileptic patients to manage their condition. Yes, a ketogenic diet can be tricky to follow but, this unorthodox treatment has worked wonders on many individuals. The diet aggressively limits the intake of carbohydrates and focuses on the ingestion of healthy fats and proteins. So, the diet induces ketosis in the body that has some positive effect in controlling the seizures.
  1. Lifestyle modifications - Daily exercise, aerobics, meditation, yoga, and acupuncture can help manage this condition. Limiting the ingestion of alcohol is yet another significant step in controlling the ugly seizures. Trying to improve the quality of life is almost always a win-win deal because when your body is calm, relaxed, and happy, you tend to get less affected by health issues. Getting adequate sleep, minimizing screen time, having an active lifestyle are a few general things every individual should follow.
  1. Medical marijuana - CBD oil has shown effectiveness in managing seizures. Now, the fact is CBD oil does not contain THC, a chemical compound that gets you high. Some recent clinical trials have revealed that using CBD oil is safe and effective, and it has got initial approval from the scientific advisory committee of the FDA. However, it is still awaiting final approval. Extensive research is ongoing to determine the long-term effects of CBD oil on other types of epileptic seizures. Hopefully, one day this will make its way into the traditional treatment options.
  1. Gabapentin - This is used to manage epileptic seizures. It is yet another low-risk treatment option as there are minimal side effects such as feeling dizzy, tired, and sleepy all the time. But, the good news is, the side effects die down with time. However, gabapentin takes a few weeks to work.
  1. Medicines approved by the FDA - Before administering the medicines, it is crucial to know whether the person is at all suffering from epilepsy or not. You will be shocked to learn that at least 10% of people get epileptic seizures in their entire life span but, that doesn't necessarily prove that they have epilepsy. First, the condition needs to be diagnosed with the help of EEG and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging). Sometimes EEG (electroencephalogram) is performed for 72 hours straight to ascertain the condition. If the medical condition remains obscure, the patient is recommended to go through EMU (epilepsy monitoring unit). Once a detailed analysis of what type of epilepsy the patient is suffering from is done, appropriate medication can be administered.

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