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3 Ways to Look and Feel Your Best When Turning 30

Turning 30

Many have traditionally placed high expectations on turning the big 3-0. As a society, we've somehow decided this is the age when people should "have it together" — whatever "it" means.

But don't let what you haven't done yet get in the way of celebrating what you have done — and what you will do in the future. Turning 30 should fill you with a sense of wonder, promise, and possibility and definitely not a sense of dread. 

One way to face the big birthday with confidence is to seek ways to look and feel your best. Here are three things you can do to ensure your 30s start with smooth sailing. 

1. Start a Healthier Eating and Exercise Strategy 

In your teens and 20s, it's often easy to lean on your fast metabolism and have an extra alcoholic beverage while out with friends or a piece of cake at the office party. During your 40s and 50s, your metabolism will start to decline dramatically. This is why your 30s is the perfect time to start solidifying your health regimen. Hitting your 30s at a healthy weight, with a nutritious eating plan and a fun exercise schedule is an easy but life-changing way to get it done. 

2. Make Some Tweaks to Your Wardrobe 

Many women in their 20s still dress as they did in their college years outside the workplace and sometimes in the workplace. It's time to make some subtle-but-sure mature style changes. Refinery 29 notes that it's challenging for many women to leave the simpler days of fashion behind when they could don all-black or a sexy sundress and move on with life. The Refinery 29 article goes on to mourn the lack of 30s style icons on Instagram and in general. 

It seems like more and more people want to hang onto a youthful phase, even if it doesn't feel right anymore. It's time for you to break away from the popular trends, and find your 30s fashion sense. Then embrace it, choosing tailored pants and jackets. Focus on creating more intrigue and interest with thoughtful, tasteful, and stylish choices. 

3. Hydrate With Active Hydration Serum for Dry Skin

You've probably drunk plenty of ice-cold water and used moisturizer throughout the years to keep your skin quenched and touchable. If you haven't, you should start now. It's also time to up your skin hydrating serum strategy, regardless. You might already see some evidence of dry, aging skin with the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, so you want to focus on ways to minimize the underlying issue, which is dry skin. Take the time to learn about face serum benefits to quench your thirsty skin and boost hydration levels. Add your hydrating face serum to any regimen you're using for even better results. 

Don't Let 30 Cause You Any Stress

There's no reason to put a lot of pressure on yourself about turning 30. Lead the life that makes you happy and helps you become and stay self-sufficient. The rest of the fanfare that comes with turning 30 is a lot of unnecessary pressure you put on yourself, so wrangle this decade early. Make it your own with some wardrobe adjustments to help you feel more sophisticated, a healthy diet and exercise regimen to keep you trim and upbeat, and an active hydrating serum regimen that leaves your skin soft, supple, and sublime.

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