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How to Spice up Your Daily Cup of Coffee


By Sofia Lockhart

Mornings can be a drag, can’t they? Same old routine, same old commute, same old breakfast, same old trusty coffee? Liven things up once in a while by experimenting with your favorite pick-me-up!

There are all sorts of ways you can adapt your daily cup of coffee, some classic, some really out of left field. Some deliciously indulgent, some richly flavored, some with unexpected health benefits. And all designed to get your taste buds (and the rest of you) tingling. Great for morning people and night owls alike! And before you start your working day make sure not to miss a good start of the day by making your favorite coffee combination added


What better way to give a warming, slightly sweet, slightly spicy edge to your coffee than adding a sprinkle of cinnamon? Not only do you get the seasonal “hug in a mug” feeling, cinnamon also has high antioxidant levels, helps to naturally boost your immune system to fend off the sniffles and lowers your levels of blood sugar.

It can also ward off nausea and inflammations, and encourages the body’s metabolism to step up a gear. As if that wasn’t enough, in spiritual circles it is known to encourage health, wealth and happiness in love. It certainly casts a spell on the taste buds!

Peppermint oil

Not only will peppermint oil tickle the senses when you put it in your cup of joe, it also has a multitude of health benefits. Behind that distinctive wintery taste is a herb with a long history of medicinal use, and is known to help treat indigestion and other digestive issues, nausea, headaches and fevers. It also helps boost the immune system, is full of vitamins and adds another natural layer of kick to your morning coffee.

Be cautious with this though, as a little goes a long way. It’s best to add a drop or two at a time, tasting as you go.

Flavored syrup

It’s easy to sweeten up your morning cup with syrup, an alternative for sugar which adds a magical depth to the coffee. Time tested classics include hazelnut and vanilla, but a myriad of other flavours are now growing in popularity. Here again, a little goes a long way - you only need a dash or two to really enhance the brew.

Dark chocolate

Use dark chocolate shavings melted slowly in the cup to boost your brew and satisfy your sweet tooth. Your immune system and antioxidant levels will go through the roof from this burst first thing in the morning.

Likewise, adding a spoon of unsweetened cocoa can help to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels, as well as tasting delicious. The natural sweetness is a good way to quench cravings for sugary snacks later in the day as well, so it could have a positive effect on your waistline.

Coconut milk

healthier than cow’s milk (at least the full-fat stuff), coconut milk makes for a great vegan option, not to mention being full of good stuff for the hair, skin and nails. It is also chock full of calcium and can help fight viruses, inflammations and ulcers. If you use the thicker variety it adds a glorious, creamy richness to your cup, as well as a unique and potent flavor. Highly recommended!

Cayenne pepper

Perfect for lovers of coffee and spicy snacks! Not only will this potent red powder heat up your already warm cup of joe, it is also noted for its medicinal powers, helping to boost appetite and circulation as well as having a positive effect on the digestive system. On top of that, the spicy buzz will release endorphins, pepping you up further in the morning and setting you up for the day.


OK, maybe not for the morning, but jazz up a coffee break by adding a dash of liqueur to your cup. Favorites include Irish coffee (with whiskey), French coffee (with cognac), Italian Classico (with amaretto) and zesty Seville coffee (with Cointreau as the magic ingredient). If you’re feeling especially classy, why not try an espresso Martini?


Don’t discount what grows in the garden when you’re getting creative by the coffee maker. Herbs and edible flowers can add a totally unique twist to your daily cup, and depending on who you ask, many are thought to contain healing properties as well. Try lavender, pumpkin spice or even chicory to add a totally new dimension to the drink, and unlock peace, wellbeing, health and happiness, sip by sip!

Why settle for a standard caffeine fix when you could really take your coffee drinking to the next level? As with many things in the kitchen, creativity is key. Whether you’re looking to relax and indulge yourself, pep up your senses and your day to day wellbeing or experiment with exciting new flavors, your cup of joe is just begging for you to pimp it out.

Sofia Lockhart is a passionate writer from Sydney. She also enjoys decorating houses and engaging in home renovation projects. That is why she loves sharing her experience and advice with other people through her writing. Besides this, she loves technology and gadgets which can help us get through a busy workday. Twitter

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