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What Are the Common Reasons Doctors Are
Sued for Medical Malpractice?

Doctors and Physicians get years of learning and training devoted to the medicinal practices. It ensures improved efficiency and zero tolerance to human error. Since human errors in medical industry could lead to a life and death situation for the patient. Every medical professional is always aware of the consequences of his or her actions or inactions in their patient’s life. Hence, they should always take necessary precautions to secure their patients. However the error may occur due to negligence by a doctor, nurse or a pharmacist.


In case of breach of standard medical care, the incident is considered to be a medical professional’s mistake. It says that any medical injury, allergy or long term impact of a surgery or medicine caused due to a medical practitioner is a case of medical negligence. According to a recent Healthcare Analysis, the following types of cases appear in the sequence of their frequency in the previous year:

  1. Misdiagnosis or Diagnose Failure:
    Delaid diagnosis or misdiagnosis happens in the case if the patient does not receive proper care. Consequently, it results in patient’s situation getting worse or even leads to death. According to the Medical Institutions, there is a probability of at least one diagnostic error in the lifetime. Sometimes these minimal errors bring devastating consequences to the patient.
  2. Surgical errors:
    Negligence and miscommunication among the medical team, fatigue or incompetence results in some preventable errors. Surgical errors include wrong-site surgery, leaving tools inside patient’s body, performing surgery on wrong patient, anesthesia errors are among a few such incidents.
  3. Treatment errors:
    Medical condition treatment may include prescribing the appropriate medication, radiation treatments, physical therapies and several other relevant methods of treatment. In cases of deviation from the standard care in a disease treatment or injury by a physician it may result in treatment errors.
  4. Obstetrics errors:
    Failure to perform prenatal tests, monitor pregnancy and delivery, birth injuries (cerebral palsy or other brain injuries, labour and delivery) medical negligence has enormous risks for baby and the mother. Therefore the laws are very strict when it comes to pregnancy and birth related issues as it also accounts for prenatal death rates.
  5. Medication errors:
    According to an annual survey the cases of medication error accounts for 5.2 Million annually across India. People become more sick, critically injured or even die due to errors in prescribing, dispensing or taking medication. Hence, medication error sums up a large part of the consequences of medical negligence laws in India. Moreover, following are the reasons for the rise of medical negligence in India including but not limited to work overload, lack of expertise and training, appropriate technologies and labeling issues.

  6. Monitoring Patients:
    As important parts of a physician’s role include monitoring patients under anesthesia, woman under labor, patient undergoing a surgery or during some other medical treatment the doctors and medical professionals must look for some other complications with the patients. As such complications like allergies, nature or body, etc. are crucial for taking medical decisions.

There are other such preventable medical errors that may result in serious injuries or even death of a patient. It may include not knowing the patient’s medical history completely, no proper feedbacks, lack or necessary record management or even lack of communication between the medical team.

Just like other doctors are not infallible and they too make mistakes. However, not every mistake, unfortunate outcome or complications after surgery may result in medical negligence or malpractice in India. If you are someone who has suffered medical negligence or malpractice by a doctor or a medical professional you may speak with an experienced medical malpractice lawyer for a convenient way out.

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