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The Best and the Worst Sleeping Position - Consider the Best One for You

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We all spend one-third of our lives asleep and that’s why the sleep is too important for us, especially as it has control over our mood, health, body and mind. According to the National Sleep Foundation (NSF), every adult should sleep for at least 7-8 hours per night to keep himself/ herself healthy, happy and prosperous.

When someone asks us how to get deep sleep, we can’t answer them properly in a word because getting the proper sleep isn’t easy (neither was!) because a good sleep depends on many factors. The sleeping position is one of them. And in this article, we’ll try to discuss about the sleeping positions and inform you which one is the best position and which one is the worst position. Let’s start...

The Best Sleeping Position - Sleeping on Your Back:

According to many types of research and doctors, the best sleeping position is to sleep on your back. The back sleeping position let you keep your spine, head and neck aligned in the neutral position during sleep. This position doesn’t let the body pressure to be spread unnaturally which means your back and spine get the natural pressure.

Additionally, this position let the respiratory system to work effectively. As a result, you get the perfect sleep at night. On the other hand, this position is recommended for all ages of people. It helps the digestive system of the body to run its function naturally.

While sleeping on the back, the whole body remains in the same line, so you don’t get any air circulation problem. We noticed that, people have a less snoring problem than others who sleep on their back.

The Second Best Sleeping Position - Sleeping on Your Side:

The side sleeper means the person who sleeps on his/her left/right side while sleeping. This is another good position for sleeping (less than back sleeping) which is beneficial to the people who have back or neck pain, prone to general snoring, pregnancy or sleep apnea.

This position elongates your spine; as a result, you get relief from back pain. But sometimes, it can also cause neck pain. Because of misplacing of your neck. Another bad effect of this position is this position is the main cause of unwanted skin aging problem. That’s because when you sleep on your side, one side of your face is being placed on the pillow. As a result, that side doesn’t get proper air and it causes wrinkles and saggy breasts.

There are two types of side sleeping, left and right. When you sleep on your left side, it can put a strain on your internal organs such as stomach, liver and lungs. But if you sleep on your right side, then it worsens your heartburn. Pregnant women are recommended to sleep on their left side by the doctors in order to regulate the optimal blood flow.

You can use soft memory foam bed pillow under your waist and between your legs for reducing the problems.

The Worst Sleeping Position - Sleeping on Your Stomach:

The worst sleeping position is the worst sleeping position ever and this position is never recommended. But a lot of people feel comfortable in this position while sleeping which is damaging their health slowly.

When you sleep on your stomach, your spine, back, neck, joints and muscles get unexpected weight of the body which is the reasons for tingling, numbness and different kinds of pain. This position also compromises your blood and air circulation system, breathing and natural functions of the body. It is also the cause of aching and skin aging as the face remains on the pillow. In a word, avoid this position at any cost!

But the stomach sleeping is a bit beneficial for the people who snore a lot as the upper airways remain open broadly. But this can’t be a good idea to hurt most of your body function just for reducing snoring!

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