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The Benefits of Vaping CBD at the Office


Ah, the office. It’s probably not your favorite place to be. In fact, you could probably write a list with fifty things you’d rather be doing besides sitting under fluorescent lights, in your stiff desk chair, staring at your computer screen. We know we can! But what if there was something that could potentially ease your office-bound anxiety, and make your 9 to 5 just a little more tolerable every day? That’s where CBD comes in.

CBD - It’s Not Psychoactive

Experienced cannabis consumers have most likely heard of THC, the compound found in marijuana that makes you high. Beyond the plants most popular active ingredient, though, are hundreds of other cannabinoids that have a range of interesting properties. Cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is one cannabinoid that has been in the spotlight lately, because of its range of medicinal properties and wide availability in hemp and cannabis. On top of it all, CBD is non-psychoactive, meaning it won’t get you high.

Getting Around Your Company’s No Smoking Policy

If smoking cannabis at work seems like the kind of thing that would get you fired, you’re not alone. That’s why knowledge is everything when it comes to CBD. If recreational cannabis isn’t legal in your state, opt for hemp-based CBD which is federally legal because it’s classified as a superfood, not a Schedule I drug.

And, if you’re not one to casually step outside for a CBD oil vape break in the middle of the day, try CBD extract in a tincture or CBD edibles that you can pop throughout the day.

CBD Could Reduce Stress & Anxiety

Boss all up on your back, paperwork piling up and deadlines filling you with existential dread? CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety in early medical trials. Take a couple drops in your morning tea or coffee, and ease into the workday with a calm attitude.

Studies Show CBD May Increase Focus

If your job involves multitasking to the point of sending you into a manic breakdown on the daily, CBD might be the save you’re looking for. In clinical trials CBD has been shown to help ADHD symptoms, increasing focus. Pop a CBD edible an hour before your big meeting and you might be able to pay better attention.

Tolerate Your Co-Workers More Easily with CBD

Mood boosting properties of CBD are another major benefit. Your new sunny outlook may help you deal with your crazy co-workers, and even make water cooler talk more enjoyable. Your relaxed attitude will help you navigate both social and work-related interactions with ease.

CBD Could Ease Your Stiff Desk-Bound Muscles

There’s nothing quite like the sneaky stiffness of a cheap desk chair to mangle your body from head to toe. From tight legs and hips to strained back and neck, no body part is safe from 9-5 chair bound torture. CBD’s anti-inflammatory properties could be just what you’re looking for to help soothe your body from the inside out. Plus, the mindful self-care practice of enjoying CBD as part of your daily routine could lead to other positive habits like drinking more water, and getting up more frequently for a well-deserved stretch.

Try CBD at Happy Hour and Avoid a Hangover

You’ve finally made it to happy hour, and your first instinct is to go hard on the alcohol and over indulge after a long day. While this can be a great stress reliever in the moment, the anxiety-filled hangover the next day will be no fun. Take a couple hits from your CBD oil vaporizer between the office and bar to take the edge off, or pop a CBD edible along with your after-work drink to help ease tension and enjoy a couple drinks in moderation.

There you have it, friends! Keep up the hard work and treat yourself with CBD to ease your body and mind throughout the day.

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