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How Men Can Boost Their Sexual
Performance with Yoga

The practice of yoga has its origin in ancient Indian philosophy. Although essentially a holistic and spiritual practice, yoga is also appreciated in the West for its psychological and health benefits which are mostly attributed to yoga’s stress-reduction effects. Because stress is the number one cause of chronic diseases that can, among other things, negatively affect a man’s reproductive health, stress reduction should be the first in line treatment for various sexual disorders. If you’re a man seeking ways to improve your sexual performance, you should definitely consider yoga as a viable option. In this article, we explain the different ways yoga helps men have a better sex life.

Yoga improves overall health
Men suffering from a sexual dysfunction of any kind are very likely to have a serious medical condition. For instance, atheroesclerosis, which is a serious medical disorder, accounts for 40% of erectile dysfunction cases in men over 50 years of age. Other disorders that cause sexual dysfunction in men are diabetes, endocrine tumors, and depression. Because most of these chronic diseases are often a result of a weakened immune system which is brought on by stress, it is important to control stress levels to prevent the onset of chronic diseases. One way you can control your stress response is through the regular practicing of yoga. Yoga asanas and the accompanying breathing techniques are proven to down-regulate the HPA axis response to stress and thus yoga is believed to have a protective effect on overall health.

Yoga for better mental health
Any mental health problem can have a detrimental effect on sexual functioning. The most common disorder in the general population is depression which is a known risk factor for diminished desire, erectile dysfunction, and premature ejaculation. Unfortunately, today’s antidepressants don’t help with sexual problems and studies show that they can even make matters worse. Practicing yoga is a natural alternative to antidepressants that can help men get into a more focused and calmer state of mind. Studies have long looked into the therapeutic effects of yoga on depression and found the practice was quite therapeutic. Furthermore, mindfulness meditation which is often practiced in conjunction with yoga asanas was also found to help with anxiety and depression in some studies.

Better flexibility
If you’re not physically fit, chances are your overall sexual performance will suffer the consequences. Getting tired too quickly and experiencing bouts of fatigue spell disaster for your sex life. After all, sex requires the engagement of all major muscle groups and other bodily functions to work. Practicing and mastering yoga asanas can help you achieve a greater level of physical fitness. When done correctly, asanas and breathing techniques stretch muscle groups and bring more oxygen to all bodily tissue. A study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science found that women practicing yoga asanas showed higher oxygen uptake, decreased cortisol activity, and better heart functioning than the non-exercise control group.

Better heart health
Most men are familiar with the importance of good heart health in sexual functioning. Any heart or blood vessel disorder is bound to have a negative impact on a man’s sexual performance. A literature review on the topic of yoga and heart health found that most studies show that yoga had a favorable effect on cardiovascular endurance in young men. The outcomes of yoga practice were measured in oxygen consumption, work output, blood lactate, and anaerobic threshold. All in all, men practicing yoga had better cardiovascular endurance which can definitely show on overall sexual performance and virility. All this makes yoga a practice that deserves positive male enhancement reviews.

Yoga as an anti-aging practice
Older men are at a higher risk of age-related chronic diseases that can negatively impact their sex life. Age is a common factor in declining sexual functioning in both men and women. Yoga promotes healthy functioning of the circulatory, immune, and endocrine systems all of which show a decline with growing age. Yoga can help men maintain a greater level of strength and virility well into old age which might have a positive effect on their sex lives. However, age is a normal process and a decline in bodily functions including sexual performance are completely normal. Yoga may help offset some of the unnecessary ailments of aging, but it can only do so to a limited extent.

Problems with sexual functioning and generally low energy levels are common in older men. Men in the older age group more often than not turn to medicine and supplements in the hopes of boosting their sexual performance. Rarely do men consider taking up a yoga class to spice things up in the bedroom. But as studies show, yoga is a great way to improve your overall health and since sexual functioning depends greatly on the state of your health, practicing yoga is a good way to boost your performance.

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