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Liquid Chlorine Dioxide Helps in the Problem of Disinfection of Drinking Water After the Incident at the Kakhovskaya Dam

Disinfection of Drinking Water

After the disaster at the Kakhovkskaya dam in Ukraine, vast areas were flooded, causing serious environmental consequences for the entire Black Sea region from Ukraine to Bulgaria. The accident resulted in the massive release of a variety of contaminants, including feces, fuels, pesticides, household garbage, and even animal corpses, into the water. This poses a significant threat to the Black Sea ecosystem and public health throughout the Black Sea region.

Flooding causes contaminated water to flow into the Black Sea, causing serious problems with drinking water in regions that depend on it. Viruses, fungi, and a variety of bacteria are entering the water, making it dangerous for drinking. Water treatment plants can no longer cope, especially since most of them use outdated bacteriological treatment methods based on ordinary chlorine, which is not sufficiently effective against heavily polluted water, and increasing the concentration of chlorine in water is not good for humans and, in some cases, even dangerous.

To cope with this emergency, immediate action is required to ensure effective disinfection of water, both locally (for each home or household) and at the city and industrial levels (from municipal water supplies to food processing and packaging plants).

After conducting comparative studies, it was found that liquid chlorine dioxide is by far the most effective disinfectant.

It is important to note that liquid chlorine dioxide should not be confused with regular chlorine because it does not contain free chlorine and does not have its toxic properties. This makes it safe for use in the food industry, including the disinfection of drinking water.

Liquid chlorine dioxide is a powerful oxidizing agent capable of effectively and quickly destroying harmful microorganisms, bacteria, viruses, and fungi that may be present in contaminated water. It has a broad spectrum of action and effectively fights pathogens, reducing the risk of infection and the spread of infections.

In light of the current environmental disaster, experts recommend using liquid chlorine dioxide for rapid water disinfection in areas affected by flooding. This will help minimize the risk of water-borne diseases and ensure a safe water supply for the local population.

Disinfection with liquid chlorine dioxide has several advantages. First, it is highly effective in killing pathogens, even at low concentrations. Secondly, it leaves no residue and does not change the taste, odor, or color of the water, making it suitable for drinking. Third, liquid chlorine dioxide is a stable substance with a long shelf life, which facilitates its transportation and use in emergency situations.

The authorities of Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria, in cooperation with international partners, are already taking measures for large-scale disinfection of water in the affected areas. They organize the delivery and distribution of liquid chlorine dioxide and conduct regular monitoring of treated water quality.

The situation at the Kakhovskaya HPP has become a serious challenge to the regional ecology and drinking water safety. However, thanks to the prompt actions of the authorities and many volunteer organizations to find and implement new, modern, and effective disinfection methods, there is hope for a speedy revival of the Black Sea ecosystem and the provision of clean drinking water for residents of the entire Black Sea region.

Stream (Company website: from Slovenia provides humanitarian aid in the form of small, pocket-sized disinfectors convenient for household use and also actively cooperates with producers of foodstuffs, containers, and drinking water tanks by supplying effective disinfectants based on liquid chlorine dioxide.

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