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How Learning to Think Like a Poker Player
Can Help You Manage Stress

All of us tend to make a lot of mistakes during decision making, especially when we’re stressed and faced with uncertainty and a changing environment.

As humans rely on past experiences to make future decisions, it’s important to be focused and calm when faced with an unpredictable future.

And thinking about poker players or just playing poker on a regular basis can help us achieve just that!

In our guide today, we will be going over some of the aspects of why thinking like a poker player can benefit us.

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Reasons why thinking like a poker player can help you manage stress

1. Learning to Embrace uncertainty

Stress and anxiety are somethings that pile on. It can either be from the events that happen to us daily, like being stuck in traffic and worrying about getting to work on time, or thinking about the day that we need to play our monthly bills.

Decisions run our life, and the constant anxiety of the uncertain does take a heavy toll on us in the long run.

Poker players need to heavily rely on luck and chance. Hence, they are in a constant and conscious struggle with an uncertain outcome.

So, thinking like them will help you to take life as it comes and take solace in the fact that the best you can do is prepare for the uncertain and act accordingly. It’s important to not let the decisions overwhelm you, and it’s ok to make mistakes and look at them as learning opportunities and not as personal failures.

2. Doing away with a goal-oriented attitude

Reaching a certain goal should not be everything that you strive towards. If thinking like a poker player teaches you anything is that the results are not always as important as the effort that you put in.

Taking the leap and going all out is a part of constructively growing. Sure! You will fall a thousand times over, but failing and learning is better than constantly living with the anxiety of the ‘what if’s.’

It’s ok to feel responsible for the failed results and your corresponding actions; however, it’s always unhealthy to take the full blame for it. There are a lot of things out of your control; it’s always important to try and take the leap than to sit back and decide to do nothing at all.

3. Knowing that you cannot predict the future.

Micromanaging some aspects of your life can be a very constructive activity, but trying to micromanage every single nitty gritty detail will bring on nothing by more stress and anxiety.

Life is unpredictable, and future events are something that you cannot control. So, live your life to the fullest in the present, and just be prepared to face whatever comes next.

Constantly swinging between decisions will put you in stasis and not help you grow either emotionally or intellectually.

Final Thoughts

Stress is something that we all deal with; it’s an ever-present aspect of our lives. But we can learn to manage that better, and work around it and accept uncertainty with a positive attitude.

Thinking like poker players can indeed teach us to have better mental health.

We hope you found our guide useful today.

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