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Life After Breast Augmentation Surgery: Benefits and Challenges

Breast augmentation surgery using implants is one of the most popular invasive cosmetic procedures there is. Patients rarely report complications and are generally happy with the results. That doesn't mean patients planning to get breast implants don't get worried, though.

Learning what life will be like after breast augmentation surgery can help patients get a better idea of what to expect so they'll be less worried. There are all kinds of benefits to look forward to, but also some challenges, including basic instructions that must be followed after having breast augmentation surgery. Instead of focusing on the immediate results, though, this article will offer insight into what life is like moving forward from the procedure.

What to Expect in Terms of Aesthetic Results

Patients with breasts that are underdeveloped or simply too small to meet their aesthetic goals will find that getting implants offers an excellent solution. Once they have healed, these women typically gain self-esteem and feel more confident thanks to their well-proportioned figures. The same is true for women who have asymmetrical breasts.

There are also plenty of cases in which women undergo breast augmentation to address newly developed aesthetic concerns. Childbirth and breastfeeding, age, and substantial weight loss can all change the shape of a person's body, and these natural processes often leave women's breasts looking somewhat deflated. Breast augmentation combined with a breast lift can restore a more youthful appearance.

Will There Be Scars?

Every surgery leaves behind some scarring, and that includes breast augmentations. However, going to a good surgeon who is skilled in incision placement can go a long way toward concealing the scars and minimizing their aesthetic impact. Patients who follow their doctors' instructions and wound care best practices carefully following their surgeries can also expect less scarring.

Potential for Future Surgical Needs

Modern breast implants are designed to look natural and stay in place for years to come. However, over time, problems often arise. Patients may need to return to their surgeons to address issues like malpositioning, sagging, ripples, or even broken implants. While it's very likely for one or more of these issues to come up throughout a patient's lifetime, they can be easily addressed by a talented surgeon.

Most People Report Very High Satisfaction

Most people report high levels of satisfaction with breast augmentation surgery, not just immediately following the procedure but for years to come. One study of self-reported patient satisfaction using the scientifically validated BREAST-Q survey indicated that breast implants improved most aspects of patient's quality of life, not just their self-esteem. According to the study, the improvements in quality of life reported were comparable to those found in older patients following total hip replacements.

Older women who undergo breast augmentation surgery combined with breast lifts also report looking and feeling younger following their procedures. They find that their new silhouettes support entirely different wardrobe options, including deeper V-necks and more elegant scoop necks. The best part is that looking and feeling younger leaves people with more confidence, which impacts every part of their lives.

Schedule a Consultation Today

Ready to find out if the long-term benefits of breast augmentation are worth the challenges that come along with them? The best thing to do is to schedule a consultation with a local cosmetic surgeon. Find someone who has plenty of experience with performing breast augmentations to ensure the best possible results.

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