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4 Simple Steps to Waking Up
Feeling Mentally Stronger

mentally stronger

By Beverly Lerch

Is waking up every morning feeling lively, healthy and mentally sharp on your wish list, then you have made the right decision by reading this article. Being active always is something we all wish for in life. Waking up mentally alert will enable you to tackle your daily activities no matter how challenging they are. In fact, you can achieve more and dominate in your daily activities with great focus.

The primary issue is sustaining this mental energy on a regular basis. Most of us are yet to understand how to make that happen. Sometimes, we wake up feeling sound mentally, and at other times, the case is different. In this post, we will outline four simple steps to achieve a boost in mental energy when one wakes up...

1. Work on your mindset before sleeping

Anxiety naturally causes tiredness. When you worry about tasks that you couldn't complete during the day, how your day went or a failed deal that hurts whenever you remind yourself about it, you are merely giving room for anxiety to set in. The thing is anxiety can increase fatigue and drain you mentally. Sleeping or having a good night's rest might also become difficult or impossible in most cases.

Also, most of the tiredness that anxiety causes is entirely mental. The brain suffers it because it tends to run out strength from the many thoughts that cross the mind during this period. You are worried, so the brain is super active trying to solve the problem and prevent you from trouble.

Typically, we all get tired at some point. It is how the body responds naturally. If you want to wake up feeling energized and mentally active, you need to work on your state of mind before jumping in bed to sleep. Try to avoid taking your subconscious back to that horrible situation. It will do you no good.

Examples of nightly routine that can help work on your mind frame...

  • Read your favorite book or journal. It should be a book that can help you develop positive thoughts.
  • Show gratitude to yourself or spouse. Be happy with where you are and the things you have achieved thus far in life.
  • Meditate a little on those special moments. It could be when you won an award, met your spouse, and other things that make you feel happy whenever you think of them.

2. Encourage a good night's rest

Did you notice your performance reduced following a miserable night's sleep the other day? It might not have occurred to you. After all, you woke up naturally and couldn’t bet back to sleep. The thing is staying awake during night hours when you are supposed to be sleeping can affect your performance in the morning. You might feel dull and sluggish because a brain deprived of sleep would be dysfunctional.

The amount of sleep needed to be mentally alert and focused varies from person to person. Some people can achieve this by sleeping just 6 hours per day. But going by what is officially acceptable, sleeping 6 – 8 hours daily is enough for the day.

It is also better to fall asleep naturally than to use sleeping pills. There are side effects that can result from continually using these pills. Research shows that taking certain sleeping pills can lead to drowsy driving and impair some activities during the day. The reason is that some of the drugs might still be in your system. The bottom line is to avoid anything that can prevent you from sleeping well.

3. Make peace with all men and yourself

Activities like getting into a fight with your spouse, colleague or someone at the grocery store can affect your mindset. Even if the person is wrong or right, you need to free your mind before lying down to sleep.

You need to ‘bury the hatchet’ by meeting the person face to face. To be at peace, apologize even if you are right or wrong. This simple act can make you sleep well and feel energized when you wake up in the morning. This sleeping with a long face and heavy heart won’t ever give you peace.

4. Wake yourself up early

There are many things you can do to set a positive tone in the morning before leaving the house. When you wake up early, you will have more time to plan, meditate on how to execute your plans and exercise. If you are supposed to leave for work by 7 am, be out of bed at 5 am to plan your day, and prepare for the activities ahead.


We all want to wake up feeling strong mentally. The reason is that it has positive impact on activities performance. The above steps will help you achieve this positive mental energy on a regular basis. But you need to work hard to make it happen. The good thing about the steps listed above is that they are things one can do with ease.

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