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Many stars of athletics, martial arts and body-building consult Don Lemmon to find out the real facts on nutrition, how to lose fat and build muscle, and how to achieve and maintain optimum fitness. For your and my interest, I asked some friends what questions they would really like to ask an expert about nutrition and Don kindly offered to answer them:

  • Q: Why, if at all, should I take vitamin and/or mineral supplements?

    Don: Never bother with expensive ones but we do need to supplement because our production and cooking habits have destroyed our chances of foods actually containing what we need. It's frightening what lands on our plates. Couple that with eating white bread, bleached oils, and oh wow!

  • Q: Why does it seem to take a long time for supplements to have a beneficial effect? Is that always the case?

    Don: Not with TJ Clark's colloidal minerals and a whole food vitamin like Standard Process offers. They're easily absorbed by the body and get to work immediately. Cheap too. In fact, most colloidals you get are from TJ Clark originally but then some other company added sugars, juices, water and dilutes them. And that is the reasoning alone there. Sugar and excess water interferes with minerals transactions at a nervous system level. Pills, usually are coated so well the body can't bust them open. Chew them at meal time. The body needs to accept nutrients with food. You'll notice a difference the first time.

  • Q: I've heard that eating organically produced food is better for you. Why is that?

    Don: Depends. Organic usually just means LESS chemicals. That is better but so is simply washing your food. Most chemicals are stored in an animal's organs and skin than in the meat if we are discussing meat foods.

  • Q: Can the pesticides used in food production really have an adverse effect on me? Who do you believe - the farmers or the complainers?

    Don: I blame the businessmen. Farmers are forced to play by the rules or not play at all. It is tough. But definitely, wash your food first. Scrub it. We can only guarantee best if we grow it ourselves. At least by cleaning and eating fresh we will profit most.

  • Q: What about the excessive use of antibiotics on animals and poultry to increase their speed of growth - can that harm us humans?

    Don: Again, most is stored in the organs which we can literally SEE the tumors in. We can either starve or try to clean up what we do eat. There are more pesticide problems that antibiotic problems by the way. Almost all food is affected in some way but it is usually plants first. Animals are at least fed fresh foods along with the drugs 75% of the time.

  • Q: I was in a health food shop the other day and the guy suggested taking Vitamin E to lower my blood pressure, but I thought this might not be sound advice, as my doctor didn't mention it. Doctors seem to disregard nutritional treatment - who is right?

    Don: Physicians go by heresay just as you do. Very few medical schools require nutrition as a course. It is sad as the body IS nutrients. Vitamin E may not help but a good flax seed from say Flora Inc is great. Udo's Oil works wonders too. And no, I am not paid by these companies. Don't even tell them I sent you. Just go there. I will say one thing, anyone who trusts a $6 an hour vitamin salesman is a fool. Anyone who trusts a physician with nutrition is crazy too.

  • Q: How can I find out if I'm getting enough vitamins and minerals in my diet? And what else do I really need - there seems to be a million and one different supplements that you can buy.

    Don: If you use a tablespoon of Udo's Oil, 2 TB of TJ Clark's minerals and chew a simple multi-vitamin you can't lose unless you aren't eating real food as well. These 3 products should only cost in TOTAL $36 a month.

  • Q: I don't like taking pills - how can I be sure of a balanced diet without supplements?

    Don: Only one of the above are pills. I am not familiar with a liquid multi-vitamin yet. But I do know those who take the oil and minerals profit more than those who only use vitamins. There are 100 odd nutrients we need daily. Vitamins deliver under 20. The oil and minerals deliver over 80.

  • Q: I know that eating oily fish is good for me but I'm concerned about farmed salmon, as I've heard they are fed a carcinogenic substance to make the flesh pink. Is this true?

    Don: Eating a little salmon is better than avoiding 'healthy' food for the fear of contamination. Any vegetable in the store or beef in the butcher's section is just as bad or just as good however you slice it. Fresh water fish is great stuff but you can get by on flax seed oil instead. By time you cook salmon fat, it is no longer nourishing anyways.

  • Q: What should I take to help me through the menopause?

    Don: Flax seed oil and the minerals. Double your protein intake. 4 protein meals and 2 carbohydrate snacks would be best for you. One protein meal should be farm fresh eggs, another cottage cheese, a third tofu and a fourth a meat or fish.

  • Q:I'm told the RDA amounts on the back of supplements may not be enough to correct deficiencies.

    Don: Actually they aren't if the vitamin source is synthetic. If you buy a whole food source, A LOT less will do the trick EVERY time.

  • Q: When is the best time to take supplements?

    Don: Always with meals.

  • Q: I'm trying to help my teenage daughter cope with PMT. What do you recommend?

    Don: A more balanced diet and the mentioned supplementation. Results were better than any prescription.

  • Q: Is it better to have goat's milk and cheeses rather than cow's?

    Don: Is it best to have ANY dairy BEFORE it is pasteurized. That kills what is good in it. Cheeses are fine usually if in curds, but yogurt and milks need skimmed to digest. Hard cheese is like lard, and hard to digest for anyone. Goat milk is great but so is cow milk. Tiger's milk is unbelievably good too.

  • Q: I get terrible headaches around my periods. Is there anything you recommend to help.

    Don: All of the above. Essential fats regulate your hormones and that's what the periods are all about.

  • Q: How can I begin to find out if I may be intolerant or allergic to foods like cereals and milk products, as they are contained in so many things we eat?

    Don: Like with pasteurization, excessive processing of food kills the natural enzymes that the food should have contained within it, which assist in digestion. So the rawest most natural foods are never a problem. I teach food separation, similar to combining but with better results. Some things arent meant to be eaten with others and on occasion, alone even.

  • Q: What nutrients are most commonly deficient in the typical Western diet?

    Don: Minerals, essential fats and protein. We are vitamin-aholics!

  • Q:My metabolism is slowing down and I'm putting on weight rapidly, whilst still eating the same or even less. Is there any way to reverse this?

    Don: Eating less only slows the metabolism down. So does poorly combined foods. It's what and how you eat that matters. I have said for years that you can exercise all day and eat whatever you want OR eat right and only exercise when you feel like it.

  • Q: Could nutritional factors be behind the regular depressions I lapse into, even when things are going well in other ways.

    Don: Every single time. Do not get me wrong, other human beings love to play with your emotional issues but nutrition always assists you in dealing with it.

  • Q: My exams are coming up in a few months. Is there a way to boost my brain power and increase memory?

    Don: Sounds redundant but - see all of the above. Especially about the fats. They carry the other nutrients and oxygen across the brain barrier.

  • Q: I'm addicted to smoking. Is there anything that could help me to give it up? And what could I incorporate into my diet to help prevent lung cancer?

    Don: Actually, proper nutrition clears out the stored nicotine in your body. Over time you will naturally crave less and less to where you will stop completely. I'm often notified of how my clients have gone cold turkey on their habits. Wild how a little more food, properly separated, fully digested, and a cleaner more nourished body will treat you!

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