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The Latest Beverage Trends

New year, new you, new tastes. People all over are getting wiser when it comes to making better choices to a healthier array of food and beverage options. While many used to simply guzzle down a sugar laden soda – the modern palette is wisening up. Let’s examine a few such beverage trends below.

Some of the top beverage trends include the waters market, which is anticipated to reach a staggering $18.24 billion by the year 2025. This includes products such as still, sparkling, and infused water. Organic beverages are king as well, expected to reach $32.78 billion dollars by the year 2027. Coffee ($133.9 by 2027) and tea ($68.75 billion) are also huge. Last but not least is the rise of the non-alcoholic, ready to drink market. Dubbed the Mocktail, this is becoming the non-alcoholic beverage cocktail of choice.

Learn more about the the rise of the Mocktail in the infographic below:


Plus check out this in-depth guide by Sunnyside about modifying popular cocktails to make them lower in alcohol or non-alcoholic.

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