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Has Kratom Been Found to Carry Medicinal Worth?

Kratom is a naturally growing tree that originates from Southeast Asia. For a long time, people from the region have been using kratom leaves to achieve a psychotropic effect. Due to a lack of technology, the ancient Asians would chew the leaves and suck the pulp. That popularity of the leaves remained insignificant until people started speculating that the leaves might be harboring various medicinal values. That brings about the current topic, does kratom carry any medicinal worth?


Kratom as a Source of Medicine

Most people don’t know that the use of kratom as medication started in the 19th century. The inhabitants of South Asia would use it to relieve pain after a lengthy and laborious day. Further research states that the Asian male population would chew up to 60 leaves a day to benefit from its healing abilities. Its popularity has become even more significant in the modern world. That is due to the availability of technology enabling scientists to study the plant more closely. It is also because of the increasing demand for natural medicines throughout the globe. So yes, kratom carries medicinal worth just like many other herbal plants.

Thanks to technology, kratom is now available in many forms, including capsule, powder, gum, pellets, and extracts. You can thus smoke or chew it. However, the most popular method of application is by drinking it as tea. Currently, people are using kratom as alternative medicine. You can get it from sites like BC kratom Canada which is famous for being a premium source of kratom.

Medicinal Benefits of Kratom

The internet is buzzing with the benefits of kratom, both proven and unproven. The information is not only making the naturally occurring drug famous but also increasing its demand. Some of the benefits of kratom include:

It Can Act as an Immune Booster

One of the main reasons why kratom is prevailing in the world of medicine is due to its ability to strengthen the immune system and make it more resilient. That is because the drug contains anti-microbial properties. It thus supplies the immune system with the capability to kill microorganisms and protect the body from related diseases. The compound is also a source of antioxidants which helps in eradicating bacteria from the body. There are many kratom strains which work as an immune booster like red vein, red bali, maeng da kratom, etc. Maeng Da Kratom has many unique qualities and you can use it to reap all the benefits of it.

Kratom Can Help Relieve Pain

Since the 19th century, Asians have used kratom to alleviate pain. According to scientific studies, whenever you consume kratom, it acts on specific hormones in the body. For instance, it ends up increasing the levels of hormone serotonin as well as dopamine, both of which are pain hormones. The hormones then stop the brain receptors from picking up pain signals and sending them to the brain for translation. That’s how the compound ends up numbing the chronic pain and giving you relief, which lasts for quite a long time.

Kratom May Stimulate Sex Hormones

The compound that comes from kratom leaves or Mitragyna Speciosa can help improve the count of sperms in males. It can help increase the libido and stimulate sexual hormones making the male more fertile. You should, however, note that the facts are only from animal tests. The findings are still in their early stages and further research will shed more light on whether humans can benefit from the same. Some animals also showed an increase in rates of conception.

Kratom Can Enhance Energy Levels

As indicated above, Asians used kratom leaves to improve their energy whenever they were working. Their mode of administration was through chewing the leaves due to the lack of technology to process the compound. People still enjoy the same benefit today. A variety of kratom users experience a boost in energy after taking the compound. That is because kratom speeds up metabolism and thus burns food at a faster rate. The energy produced can last for hours, making it long-term.


Kratom Can Help in Addiction Recovery

The use of kratom for addiction recovery is becoming popular among individuals with opioid cravings. The compound diminishes the desire without leading to withdrawal symptoms. By chewing kratom, the user ends up having the same sensations as opioids. It, however, does not come with the harmful effects of the constant use of opioids. To treat such an addiction, you can take kratom in the form of pellets or capsules. It will only take a few minutes before you start feeling the effect. The same compound can effectively work when it comes to treating alcohol addiction.

Kratom Can Help Treat Anxiety

There are various ways you can use kratom to treat anxiety, as it has a relaxing effect. Kratom works to ensure that you end up with hormone balance. It works like over the counter drugs with a slight advantage. Unlike those drugs, kratom, when taken in the proper dosage, is not going to bring along negative side effects. The drug can also improve moods and leave you with an incredible feeling which can dampen the effects of depression.


How to take kratom

For you to benefit fully from kratom, you need to know how to consume the compound as well as the dosage required. First, if you don’t need to end up with the nasty kratom taste in your mouth, consider taking it the form of capsules. Each capsule comes in doses of 0.5 grams. Make sure you don't overdose since it can lead to various medical problems. To avoid such a scenario, wait for 15 to 30 minutes before you add the dosage. It is also essential that you keep records of the dosing to gauge its effects.


The information answers the question of whether kratom carries any medicinal worth, along with a look at its history. Also, it looks at the therapeutic uses both in the past and present. Thus, kratom has various medicinal benefits. You should, however, make sure that you consume kratom carefully and under the guidance of an expert.

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