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Kratom For Opioid Withdrawal

From some sources, you can find buy Kratom tea recommendations for overcoming various addictions. This natural preparation helps to neutralize the negative symptoms and effects of chemical drugs. Using Kratom for opiate addiction makes logical sense. The active substances of the plant have a similar impact on opiates. But they are not opiates. Therefore, the human body receives relief but does not reinforce its dependence.

Is Kratom an opioid?

Kratom is the form in which it is presented on the market supplements is obtained from Mitragyna Speciosa. This evergreen tree grows in the tropics. The best varieties of people grow in the Southeast region of Asia. In the place of growth, the population has long discovered the healing properties of Kratom.

Modern people do not want to chew the leaves, so manufacturers have come up with more pleasant and productive forms of release. You can find powder, tea, capsules, tablets, and even liquid concentrate in the supplements market.

Now we come to the main issue. Why is Kratom effective? All who monitor their health do not want to acquire another instead of one addiction. The plant contains active alkaloids. These substances affect a person like opiates. They can relieve pain and fatigue, give energy and improve mood. In large doses, the drug can immerse you in euphoria for a couple of hours. But alkaloids are not opiates. They act much softer and do not provoke the occurrence of addiction. This is true if the user does not abuse Kratom and does not exceed the dosage.

Kratom opiate withdrawal treatment

Many people who quit smoking or have limited alcohol use have experienced psychological and physical withdrawal. Repeatedly, such patients noted that Kratom helped them feel better and go through the most challenging period. Regarding the removal of drugs containing opioids, the process can be more complicated.

  • When it comes to psychological dependence on chemical sleeping pills or antidepressants, 1-2 grams of Kratom will help solve the problem. When the patient needs pain relief, you need to select the dosage more carefully. Kratom can even reduce severe pain. For this purpose, 5-7 grams is enough.
  • The supplement must be used only in case of emergency. For example, when pain prevents you from falling asleep or living a healthy life. If the patient takes Kratom "just in case", he risks getting a psychological dependence on any medicine or natural supplements. At the same time, Kratom does not cause physical dependence.
  • Kratom use for opiate withdrawal should be started with the smallest dosages. For starters, 0.5-1 grams is enough. If the patient understands that this amount is not enough for him, the dose can be gradually increased. Adding 0.5 grams, you need to determine your optimal dosage. It is also important to remember that breaks should be taken whenever possible. Experienced users of supplements recommend being limited to 4-5 meals per week.

Bottom line

Natural quality Kratom is, in any case, better than chemical drugs. It doesn't matter if the patient takes opioids to relieve pain or to cause euphoria. The effect of a herbal dietary supplement is milder. If the user strictly complies with the recommended dosage, he will not have any health problems. On the contrary, he can find a source of additional energy and good mood. These qualities explain why Kratom greatly facilitates the rejection of opioids, alcohol and nicotine.

The patient mustn't mix Kratom with other medicines. If medication cannot be ruled out, a doctor's consultation is necessary. The second important point is a reliable supplier of supplements. Only high-quality Kratom, which is obtained from upscale varieties, will be sufficient. Storage and transportation conditions also matter.

An incorrectly selected variety can also spoil the impression of a bio additive. If you are a beginner, be sure to consult with the seller before placing an order.

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