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From Crippled to Marathon Runner

By Tellman Knudson

Have you ever thought about something you almost did as a kid, and broke out in a cold sweat because you know it could have ruined your life?... Here's what happened to me when I was a kid in junior high...

I was pretty down-and-out—you know, skinny, watched a disgusting amount of tv, didn't have any real friends... and on top of it all, I was "classic" ADD. And on top of that, my legs were deformed. I was born with my legs twisted inward at a forty-five-degree angle (its called "femural anteversion") and, at the age of fourteen, I still couldn't walk without stumbling. You can imagine, it didn't help me out in school—either in the friend department or in confidence (forget girlfriends!). Kids laughed at me and worse - you know how thirteen year olds can be. Can you guess how many times they stuck their feet out to trip me in the bus aisles?

So, anyway, between that and my ADHD, most of the time I just zoned-out in front of a video game or computer screen eating chips and drinking Pepsi, trying to forget about my life. That's when the doctors told me they were going to have to break both of my legs if I ever wanted to walk normally. I nearly said "yes" to the operation... But I didn't. Reason was, some older guys from school who had kind of "taken me under their wing" wanted me to go out for cross-country running. Now, I knew I sucked at running but I really wanted to be good at SOMETHING, and I didn't want to stay inside all summer... so, to put off the operation, I told my parents and the doctors that I would just practice running for the summer, and then I would get my legs broken and put in casts when school started in the fall.

What happened then is really incredible, I almost still don't believe it... When I decide to do something, I generally don't "under-do" it - and, some would say, I always OVER-do it... and that's what I did with running that summer. I became a complete raving fanatic about it... pretty soon I was running 15 miles a day on the back roads and forest trails around my house... and that Fall, I went to school and tried out again for cross-country, and got on the team. I started running to and from school, as well as in practice, even in winter... And here's what happened: my leg muscles became so strong that they literally PULLED MY LEG BONES AROUND and straightened them out.

I went on from there to run marathons! Best of all, I also went on to discover how to use my worst ADHD traits - like obsessiveness, distraction, and even stubborness - as my greatest strengths, because I discovered how to use a special mindset and focus technique that practically guarantees you success at anything you try... only if you are ADD or ADHD! And later, I founded my own successful business, which now allows me to fly around the world doing exactly what I love doing... but that's another story!

So... why am I telling you all this? Because, if you have ADD or ADHD, you are facing a problem that other people have tried to solve for you... by "breaking" you... just like they tried to break me. (Don't get me wrong—we both know they're just trying to help—like the doctors and my parents.)

What I want you to know, what I absolutely have to get through to you is this... ADD is the one thing that could make you more successful in life than anything else... it is the one thing that has gotten me where I am today... and if I had made the wrong decision that day, if I'd let them break my legs, I can tell you today, I wouldn't be a runner... I wouldn't have had the courage to stand up to people and do things my own way... I wouldn't have figured out how to use ADD to my advantage without ever taking drugs... and I wouldn't be able to get my message and secret techniques out to YOU today.

So that's why I break out in a sweat whenever I think of what I almost did that day... let them break me. ADD is the key to greatness, my friend, and I am going to show you why. Find out how to become an "ADD Superhuman" today and never let them tell you "it can't be done"! To Perseverance, Determination—and Beating the Odds!

Tellman Knudson is CEO of Overcome Everything Inc.

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