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How to Know the Right Weight Loss
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Weight Loss

Across the globe, there are people with all different shapes, and sizes. Since people have different body compositions, there are various weight loss solutions that work best according to their body type. This is good news, as it means that you no longer have to spend countless hours on the treadmill. You may be wondering, how do I know the solution that will work best for me? In this article, we will share your guide to finding the most efficient way to shed pounds.

1. When to Have Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty

An Endoscopic Sleeve Gastroplasty is a minimally-invasive procedure. This non-surgical treatment reduces the volume of the stomach so that you can control the amount of food that you are consuming on a regular basis. If you feel that you have tried every solution in the book but not seen any success, this procedure may be beneficial for you. This procedure reduces the stomach to 20% of what it once was. Using scopes and stitchings, you can be satiated without overeating or binging. After 12 months, you will experience sustainable transformation in your body composition.

2. When to Alter Your Diet

If you work out rigorously without seeing any results, it may be time to alter your diet. There is a common expression that states “abs are made in the kitchen.” What this means is that you can not outwork a poor diet. When you are consuming thousands of calories a day over the recommended amount, you will not be able to operate in a calorie deficit. When you are in a calorie deficit, you will see changes to your weight and your body composition, and you can eat a large amount of food while maintaining it. The key to eating a lot while maintaining a stable weight is eating low-calorie, healthy foods. When you fill up on fruits, veggies, and greens, you will be able to limit the unhealthy items that you are consuming.

3. When to Amp Up the Workout Regimen

Many people get into a routine of doing the same workout every day. No matter what it is, your body becomes used to it over time. Maybe you cycle everyday for 30 minutes, or maybe you do sit-ups and push-ups each day. No matter how you train, there is a balance between getting stronger and becoming familiar with an activity. When your body becomes familiar with an activity, it will not metabolize and burn calories as it should. If you are not seeing results in your body, consider amping up your workout regimen. You can enhance your routine by mixing strength and cardio exercises.

4. Focus On Strength Training

When trying to lose weight, many people focus too much on cardiovascular exercises. Although these movements help torch calories, they do not help sustain muscle growth. When your muscles are growing and developing, they burn calories even in a resting state. When muscle is not utilized, it continues to let go off excess caloric energy. When you have greater muscle mass, the calories that you burn throughout the day will naturally be greater. 

5. Focus On Cardio

Although in some seasons you need to focus on strength, there are others in which cardiovascular endurance is important. If you are muscular but have bulked up, it is time to implement cardio into your routine. When doing cardio, it is important to find a balance that optimizes the amount of calories that you burn. When you do too much cardio, your body may enter into starvation mode. In this state, you will hold onto all of your excess fat. When you do not do enough cardio, you are not burning enough calories to trim your body. By pushing yourself and doing a reasonable amount of cardiovascular exercise, you can get rid of the extra weight that you have been hanging on to. 


The weight loss journey is different for everyone. Although running four times a week may work for some people, it may not work for others. After years or trying unsuccessfully to restrict calories and lose weight, a percentage of the population chooses to have a procedure that helps to promote weight loss. Although there are many ways to minimize calories and maximize exercise, you have to find the routine that best supports your lifestyle. If you do not have time to exercise rigorously, monitor your diet and do your best to do light workouts throughout the day.

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